Juventud Guerrera Was Shocked to Hear His Name Mentioned on AEW Dynamite

Jan 3, 2020 - by James Walsh

Juventud Guerrera spoke with This is Wrestling for a new interview discussing being mentioned on AEW Dynamite, competing in his 40s and more. The show sent out some highlights, which you can see below:

On being mentioned on AEW Dynamite: “I was having a show… and then I was looking to at my tweets before I went to the ring… and then I saw everybody was tweeting about it. They’re like, “They mentioned you”… and then I popped into the locker room and I was like “Hey guys, they just called me! They just called my name!” Everyone gathered around me and was like “What?” So I showed this video and everyone was like freaking out so… and I was about to head out to the ring in a couple minutes. So it was a shocking moment in a very good way.”

On wrestling at a high level into his mid-40s: “Everything is changing. Everything is evolving. Now my training is different. My diet is different. I have to change and I have to adapt in order to try and bring the best out of me. It’s all a learning process. Now I know things about my diet that I didn’t know before. I know things that make me a better athlete than before. When I was doing shows a lot of people were surprised and they would come up to me and say “Hey, you still got”. I’m like “Hey, I never left in the first place!” I don’t think people realize if you really put in the effort you can go till like 50 or 60 … I’m not saying I’ll be wrestling till I’m like 55 years old, I’m just saying it’s sad to see when people say “I’m old” and they are like 29 and retiring early or something like that.”

On if he realized how much of an impact luchadores would have bringing their style to the US: “We knew we were different. We knew we were making an impact. But we never knew that we were going to be a keeper. We never knew that down the road we were going to get a contract. We didn’t know if they were going to like us or if they weren’t going to like us. It was so tricky at that time. We thought maybe we were going to be one and done and they say “Ok, thank you guys, bye”. You know what I mean? So for the first month (in ECW) it was like that but after a while people were chanting our names and got behind us and were cheering us.

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