Mark Haggerty

Jan 2, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Mark Adam Haggerty
From: California
Resides: New Jersey
Pro Debut: 2016


– Haggerty is a pro wrestling announcer and manager seen at 1CW, LDN, XWA, EVOLVE, CHIKARA, SCWA, XZW, FFW, Nova Promotions, NYCW, SWF & PWT upon many more that he has been apart of.
– Haggerty has been openly gay since April 2018 and credits wrestling as his way of coming out. He is also an advocate for marijuana.
– Haggerty is the founder of B+ Player Radio and the producer of “Kickin’ Ass” with Braxton Sutter & Andy Williams.
– Haggerty is a former producer of Primetime Wrestling.
– Haggerty is can be seen on Turnbuckle TV, Powerbomb.TV & Fite TV.
– Haggerty has been the voice of CHIKARA.
– January 1, 2020, Haggerty signed with Major League Wrestling (MLW).
– In June 2020, Haggerty was released by MLW.

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