A look at the 2019 Smackdown viewership numbers

Dec 30, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

Smackdown had a pretty good year and went from the “B” show to the “A” show when it moved to FOX in October, quickly becoming the most-watched wrestling show on television, something that Raw always held on to apart from a couple of special episodes here and there.

From the first episode of 2019 to the last one, Smackdown averaged 2,168,000 viewers per week, down from the 2,350,000 viewers the show did on average over 52 weeks last year. From January to September while still on USA Network, Smackdown averaged 2,066,000 viewers but once the move to FOX occurred, that jumped to 2,475,000 viewers on average. Taking out the week when Smackdown aired on FS1 and pulled in less than a million viewers, the show averaged 2,607,000 on FOX.

The October 4 premiere on FOX had the most viewers, with 3,869,000 tuning in off hours 3,920,000 and 3,818,000. That was a loaded show with The Rock, a WWE title change, and many other non-regular Superstars showing up for the 20th anniversary of the show.

The October 11 and November 8 broadcasts round up the top three most-watched shows with 2,898,000 viewers and 2,617,000 viewers respectively.

The least-watched Smackdown of 2019 was the October 25 episode, with just 888,000 viewers tuning in. That was when FOX preempted the show and it aired on FOX Sports 1 instead. The May 14 episode did 1,827,000 viewers while the April 30 episode pulled in 1,833,000 viewers to round up the bottom three.

Since October 4, Smackdown has beat Raw every single week in terms of viewership.

(Ratings credit: Showbuzzdaily.com)

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