WWE has named their 10 Top Most Shocking Moments of 2019

Dec 29, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

1. Cain Velasquez making his debut and attacking Brock Lesnar

2. Sasha Banks returns and attacks Nattie

3. Lana & Bobby Lashley kiss

4. Nia Jax entering the Men’s Royal Rumble and eliminating Mustafa Ali

5. Bray Wyatt introducing his Firefly Funhouse

6. Tyson Fury & Braun Strowman brawl

7. Bayley transformation and her destroying the Bayley Buddies

8. Batista returns and attacks Ric Flair

9. Finn Balor turning heel on Johnny Gargano

10. Brock Lesnar squashing Kofi Kingston in 8 seconds to win the WWE Title

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