Matt Jackson Explains Why the Young Bucks Left Twitter

Dec 23, 2019 - by James Walsh

Matt Jackson has taken to Instagram to explain why he and Nick Jackson have departed from Twitter. The two left the social media platform on Friday, with their father explaining over the weekend that they “just need a well deserved break from the toxicity on here.” 

Posting to his Instagram account, Matt gave their reasons for leaving, as you can see below, and noted they will remain on Instagram and continue to interact with fans there: 

First off, I acknowledge how ridiculous it is that I even need to talk about this, but it’s clearly a distraction. My brother & I decided to leave Twitter permanently a few days ago. We realized it took precious time away from our families who’ve already sacrificed enough time as it is. Also, we’ve noticed how it seems to stifle our creativity. Lastly, after taking numerous breaks this past year from Twitter, we found it to be healing to our mental health, so getting off completely was the next step. This will not change how we interact with our amazing fans, as we’ll continue to put out our best content online. Never be afraid to say hello to us whether it’s on social media or in person. Thanks so much for the support. We love you all very much. Happy holidays! 

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