“Authentic” WWE titles now available to buy for $4,999

Dec 23, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE is selling an authentic WWE championship title for $4,999 on the WWE Shop website, listing it as the “official TV authentic” title.

As most probably know, the WWE titles that are used on television are different than any other title and they are carried by the production crew rather than the WWE Superstars who are champions. The Superstars carry their own replica but when it comes to television, everyone uses the real, super expensive titles instead.

The WWE title being sold for five grand features 383 hand-placed Cubic Zirconia, aluminum plates with 14k gold plating, a genuine leather strap, and weighs 7.5lbs. The strap is 51.5″ long and 11.5″ in height and fits a waist size of 47″.

Every plate curvature, dimension, and stone is identical to titles seen on WWE TV. The thickness of the plates surpass the standard replica versions of these replica titles. The main plate features of plate thickness of 11.5mm. The back of the title is identical to the ones seen on TV, as the main plate screws are covered with a second layer of leather backing.

These titles are created by Wildcat Championship Belts and you can order yours at http://w-o.it/wweshopcom.

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