Video: Referee Nick Patrick on NWO in HOF, Benoit, Wrestler’s court, Hennig, more

Dec 22, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Chris Featherstone passed along:

0:00 – Intro
9:36 – Patrick on WCW wrestlers coming to WWE after folding: “we were kind of outcasts”
13:08 – why DDP was not able to make it to main event status in WWE
15:04 – thoughts on Sean Waltman making it to the HOF with nWo
17:23 – Patrick on whether he should be in the #WWEHOF with the nWo
18:11 – oversaturation of nWo members in WCW
22:02 – Patrick: favorite match he’s refereed
24:49 – move to WWE after WCW better or worse than expected?
26:09 – does Patrick miss being a referee? Who gave him his first big break in the business?
28:13 – did the nWo run the locker room in WCW?
29:20 – Patrick: “refs do not get the credit they deserve”; why WWE currently keep referees generic
31:42 – most odd changed finish mid- to late-match
35:55 – Patrick: worst “big money guy” he’s ever worked with
38:16 – Curt Hennig rib on David Penzer
39:30 – Patrick on “Beyond the Ring” series
44:05 – is there a match where someone went over that he did not agree with?
45:02 – Patrick: “Chris [Benoit] was a good guy”
47:52 – Patrick shares a “Wrestler’s Court” story
1:00:09 – releases of Sin Cara, Luke Harper, The Ascension, and Jordan Myles
1:04:50 – Seth Rollins teaming up with AOP
1:18:01 – Charlotte Flair/Kairi Sane incident
1:21:39 – #WWETLC review
1:31:21 – Possible NXT involvement at #WrestleMania 36
1:36:34 – next opponent for Becky Lynch
1:37:12 – contract statuses of The New Day
1:39:06 – Royal Rumble trivia
1:42:48 – storyline possibilities for Luke Harper in AEW, Ring of Honor
1:44:16 – Royal Rumble trivia
1:54:45 – early predictions for men’s and women’s Royal Rumble winners

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