Cinta de Oro’s Ex Reportedly Opposing Sin Cara’s Use of the Name

Dec 20, 2019 - by James Walsh

The wife of the late Cinta de Oro reportedly claims she has rights to the name and is opposing the former Sin Cara’s use of it. As reported earlier this week, Jorge Arias, aka Sin Cara, announced that he would be going by the name Cinta de Oro in honor of his former mentor and trainer. Arias noted that the original de Oro’s sons gave him permission to take the name and and even gave him the last mask do Oro wore in the ring. 

However, the site reports that Maria Zarate, the other of de Oro’s child, has posted legal paperwork saying that she owns the rights to his name. Zarate says that since none of de Oro’s children wanted to wrestler, he allowed a nephew to become Cinta de Oro Jr. and told Zarate she could have the rights to the name since their grandchild wanted to be a wrestler. 

The WON notes that neither Zarate or Cinta de Oro Jr. want Arias to use the name. The original de Oro passed away in 2016. 

Arias appeared at AAA’s Guerra de Titanes over the weekend despite having a 90-day no-compete clause due to his WWE release, appearing as Sin Cara. AAA said that Arias told them that WWE was okay with using him as long as the segment was edited off of TV, while WWE said neither AAA nor Sin Cara had made a deal to use the name.

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