Cody talks about the “overly protective” AEW fans

Dec 14, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

Speaking to Busted Open on SiriusXM, AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes addressed the fan divide that exists between NXT and AEW fans.

Both shows have pretty much been neck-and-neck over the past couple of weeks with NXT regaining a bit of an audience and AEW losing the “new” factor in the process. Rhodes admitted that they have fans who are really over protective.

“There’s defenders for AEW who are kind of overly protective and sometimes are being too generous to us because obviously we’re going to slip and make mistakes too,” Cody said. But he then added that if you probably add those NXT and AEW fans in the same room together, they would all get along because at the end of the day, they’re both wrestling fans.

The divide between the two sets of fans is very, very visible, especially on Thursday when the ratings come out, with both sets of fans trying to justify why their favorite show either won or lost the ratings battle.

During the same interview, Rhodes also said that if he were to be in a room with Triple H, he would shake his hand and probably even give him a hug. “I can go ahead and say I think a lot of things got screwed up with me in WWE…but if I was to be in a room with Triple H in this moment, I would shake his hand,” Cody said. “I’d probably even give him a hug out of everything that’s happened. I learned a lot from him, and he’s on the absolute opposite side of the fence in the same role I am in with AEW and has much more experience with it.”

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