Nyla Rose

Dec 13, 2019 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name: Nyla Rose
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 185 lbs.
Date of Birth: August 3, 1982
From: Washington DC
Pro Debut: December 8, 2012
Trained By: KYDA Pro Wrestling School
Finishing Move: Beast Bomb


– Rose is also an actress and appeared in the Canadian tv show The Switch.
– Rose also has a background in Judo & taekwondo.
– March 2, 2013, Rose competed in the Covey Pro Rumble.
– July 4th, Rose defeated Samantha Starr for the vacant UPWA Women’s title.
– July 6th, Rose defended the UPWA Women’s title against Samantha Starr.
– August 10th, Rose competed in the WSU Uncensored Rumble.
– August 17th, Rose defeats Mary Elizabeth Hatfield for the CP Women’s title.
– December 7th, Rose loses the CP Women’s title against Amber Rodriguez.
– January 18, 2014, Rose loses the UPWA Women’s title to Samantha Starr.
– May 17th, Rose & Rockin’ Rebel defeat Da Gunnaz (Eric Deshields & Ty Reno) for the VPW Tag Team titles.
– July 12th, Rose & Rockin’ Rebel lose the VPW Tag Team titles to Da Gunnaz.
– November 8th, Rose defeats Selene Grey (c) & Amber Rodriguez in a 3-Way for the CP Women’s title.
– January 31, 2015, Rose lost the CP Women’s title to Ray Lyn.
– March 21st, Rose competed in the EWA Sweet Sixteen ’15 Tournament.
– October 17th, Road defeated Maria Manic for the vacant CP Women’s title.
– December 12th, Rose lost the CP Women’s title to Maria Manic.
– August 19, 2017, Rose defeated Victor Jones for the WDWA West Virginia title.
– October 7th, Rose & Holidead challenged Nikki Addams for the WOW Women’s title in a 3-Way.
– December 9th, Rose lost the WDWA West Virginia title to Victor Jones.
– April 14, 2018, Rose defeated Nikki Addams for the WOW Women’s title.
– August 5th, Rose lost the WOW Women’s title to Takumi Iroha by referee’s decision.
– September 10th, Rose won the WOW Women’s title by defeating Takumi Iroha.
– April 4, 2019, Rose competed in the A Matter of Pride Chris Kanyon Memorial Battle Royal.
– May 4th, Rose defended the WOW Women’s title against Saraya Knight.
– May 25th, Rose, Awesome Kong & Kylie Rae lost to Britt Baker in a 4-Way at AEW Double or Nothing.
– June 29th, Rose & Yuka Sakazaki lost a 3-Way to Riho at AEW Fyter Fest.
– August 31st, Rose won the AEW Casino Battle Royal at AEW All Out.
– October 2nd, Rose challenged Riho for the vacant AEW Women’s title on AEW Dynamite #1.
– October 16th, Rose defeated Leva Bates on AEW Dark #3.
– November 6th, Rose & Leva Bates defeated Shazza McKenzie & Shalandra Royal on AEW Dark #6.
– November 13th, Rose defeated Dani Jordyn on AEW Dynamite #7.
– December 4th, Rose defeated Leva Bates on AEW Dynamite #10.

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