Hijo de L.A. Park

Dec 11, 2019 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Adolfo H Tapia III
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 200 lbs.
Date of Birth: November 20, 1988
From: Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico
Pro Debut: July 9, 2008
Trained By: El Oriental, Tony Salazar, Skayde & Pierko El Boricua
Finishing Move: Sunset Flip Powerbomb


– El Hijo’s name means “the Son of L.A. Park”, it indicates that he is the son of the original La Parka, who currently wrestles as L.A. Park.
– Originally El Hijo went by Black Spirit to keep the relationship a secret but has been using the El Hijo name since 2011.
– December 7, 2008, the debut show for PDM. Black Spirit, Super Nova & Turbo defeated Black Thunder, Cerebro Negro & X-Fly.
– September 16, 2010, El Hijo & El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. Won the Torneo De Parejas Juniors Bicentenario that was held by OILL.
– March 27, 2011, El Hijo won a title vs. mask vs. mask 3-Way for the IWRG Junior de Juniors title by defeating Trauma I & Hijo de Pirata Morgan (c).
– April 16th, El Hijo & Lizmark Jr. Competed in the Guerra de Empresas.
– August 12th, El Hijo & L.A. Par-K defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. & El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr in a 200.000 Pesos Ladder Match at Promociones MV.
– August 5, 2012, El Hijo competed in the La Gran Cruzada 2012 Rey Del Ring Title #1 Contendership 30-Man Battle Royal, held by IWRG.
– May 17, 2015, El Hijo won the Copa Rocky Roman event held by FMLL: Homenaje A Las Leyendas.
– June 27th, El Hijo & LA Park defeated Rush & Mr. Niebla at Lucha Libre Boom.
– May 19, 2017, Father & Son won once more at Lucha Libre Boom by defeating Black Taurus & Caristico.
– July 14th, El Hijo & LA Park defeated Hernandez & Michael Faith at RCW: Summer Spectacular.
– October 14th, El Hijo & Hijo de Pirata Morgan defeated El Hijo de Dos Caras & El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. For the UWE Tag Team titles that was held by AULL.
– December 1st, El Hijo alongside Joey Ryan, Luke Hawx & Viento lost to Jack Evans in a 5-Way, held at the Crash.
– December 18th, El Hijo, LA Park & Rey Mysterio Jr lost to the Lucha Brothers (Fenix & Pentagon Jr) & Blue Demon Jr., Held by G21.
– January 6, 2018, El Hijo defeated Rey Fenix at G21.
– March 21st, El Hijo alongside Bandido & Flamita lose a 4-Way to Daga at Promociones Tao.
– April 15th, El Hijo, Daga & Willie Mack defeated ACH, Extreme Tiger & Jimmy Jacobs at the Crash.
– July 21st, El Hijo & Black Taurus defeated Aero Star & Argenis at AAA/Lucha Libre Elite.
– August 3rd, El Hijo, Caristico & Mistico defeated La Sangre Dinamita (El Cuatrero, Forastero & Sanson) at CMLL Super Viernes – Negro Casas 40. Aniversario.
– August 10th, El Hijo & Black Taurus defeated Aero Star & Drago at AAA.
– September 12th, El Hijo & LA Park win the vacant G21 Tag Team titles in a 4-Way Tag Team match against the Lucha Brothers, Los Traumas (Trauma I & Trauma II) & Mistico & Rush.
– November 8th, El Hijo & LA Park challenged the Lucha Brothers for the MLW Tag Team titles at MLW Fightland but was unsuccessful.
– December 13th, El Hijo defeated DJ Z at MLW Fusion #36.
– March 2, 2019, El Hijo lost to Puma King at MLW Fusion #49.
– April 5th, El Hijo competed in 3 matches. The first he defeated Gringo Loco then he teamed with Ricky Martinez but lost to Mance Warner & Sami Callihan. Lastly he competed in the 39-Man Battle Riot match that his father LA Park won.
– July 6th, El Hijo & LA Park defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. & El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. at MLW Fusion #67.
– July 25th, El Hijo lost to Zenshi at MLW Fusion #72.
– September 7th, El Hijo & LA Park won a tornado tag team match against Magnus & Septimo Dragon at MLW Fusion #78.
– September 22nd, El Hijo defeated Lance Archer at IWC Denver Ajuste De Cuentas.
– October 5th, El Hijo & Josef Samael wrestled a No Contest in a Tijuana Street Fight match and also El Hijo & LA Park challenged the Dynasty for the MLW Tag Team titles but were unsuccessful at MLW Fusion #79 & #80.
– November 2nd, El Hijo defeated Zenshi on the MLW Saturday Night SuperFight Pre-Show.
– December 1st, La Familia Real (El Hijo, LA Park & Hijo de Volador) defeated Nuevo Poder del Norte (Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr, & Tito Santana) by DQ at AAA Triplemania Regia.

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