WWE RAW Report – 12/9/19

Dec 9, 2019 - by Staff

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with the usual intro video.

– We’re live from the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina as Vic Joseph welcomes us as the pyro goes off.

– WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler is in the ring, introduced by Mike Rome. Lawler talks about Rusev and Lana, and says for the first time ever on RAW, he will preside over the signing of a divorce contract. The ring is set up for a usual contract signing. Lawler introduces Lana first and out she comes with a lawyer. Vic is joined by Samoa Joe on commentary.

Lana enters the ring and a “Rusev Day!” chant starts up. Lawler reads a distance provision from Lana’s restraining order, but cautions Rusev that all other provisions of the order will be enforced to the fullest extent of the law. Lawler introduces Rusev and out he comes to a pop.

Rusev seems to be in a good mood as they take seats at the table. Lana wants him to know that she used to love him so much. When WWE fans hated him and thought he was fat, she loved him over everyone. Lana says Rusev became another statistic like famous people do, as they let it get to their heads. Lana stands up and blames the WWE fans on why their marriage failed. Rusev says she needs to calm down. Lana threatens to have him sent to jail but she’s putting on a really bad performance. Rusev shows us a video on the big screen, showing how Lana and Bobby Lashley were arrested last week.

Lana goes on and starts crying on her knees. Rusev says this is getting ridiculous, let’s get to the point and sign the divorce papers. Fans pop and chant “yes!” now. Rusev offers to sign first and he goes to but she snatches the paper and pen, and says she will do it first. Lana runs Rusev down and calls him a loser who never comes in first. She says she will get their dog. Rusev disagrees because it was a gift on his birthday, from Lana. They argue over who gets the dog and Lawler has to calm them down. Lana signs the divorce papers. Rusev toys with her and doesn’t sign. He needs one more thing from her. She goes on ranting about how he probably wants sex, and how he’s sick just like the fans. Rusev says no, what he really wants is a match with her hot boyfriend, Lashley. Rusev goes to speak again but the music hits and out comes Lashley to the ring.

Lashley says this is ridiculous. He’s tired of Rusev trying to make jokes of he and his Lana. Lashley says after this ridiculous divorce is over, he’s going to ask Lana to marry him. Rusev says she is all Lashley’s, he doesn’t care because Lana is just… bad. Rusev taunts some more and Lashley goes to fight but Lana gets in between them. Rusev says he’ll sign this and he’ll see Lashley on any day, in any kind of match. Rusev signs and Lashley slams his head into the table. The brawl spills to the floor as Lashley takes control, sending Rusev into the barrier. Lana claps and smiles from the ring. Lashley brings it back in the ring but Rusev rocks him with a kick. Lana isn’t happy now. Rusev grabs Lashley and slams him through the table. Lana is furious. An upset Rusev is also fired up. Rusev exits the ring as his music hits. Lana checks on Lashley.

– We see how The Authors of Pain attacked Kevin Owens last week, dragging him away. Owens will speak tonight. We go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Charly Caruso welcomes Kevin Owens backstage. She asks if he’s figured out why he was attacked by AOP last week. Owens says they attacked him because Seth Rollins told them to. He can deny it all he wants, but AOP is doing dirty work for Rollins. Owens recalls how he wouldn’t follow Rollins and told him in his face he’s full of crap. Owens goes on and says he’s lucky he got away last week, which will be a problem for AOP tonight. Owens excuses himself and walks off to look for Akam and Rezar. He stops by WWE United States Champion Rey Mysterio and they embrace. Owens says he’s doing good but will be better when he finds AOP. Rey lets Owens know he has his back if needed. Owens thanks him but doesn’t want Rey getting involved. Rey gives Owens his steel pipe instead. Owens thanks him and walks off with the pipe.

Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre

We go to the ring and out first comes Matt Hardy. Drew McIntyre is out next.

Drew takes the mic on the way to the ring and says this show has started a little depressing. McIntyre has some positive news. He talks about how Matt Hardy’s wife gave birth to their third son last week. Drew hear the baby is cross-eyed but at least that proves Matt is the father. Drew says all jokes aside, Matt has been successful in the ring but not really outside of it, so maybe it’s not the best thing if he re-produces. Drew says he’s a good guy, so he’s going to give Matt and his family an opportunity – he can walk out of the ring right now, with his tail between his legs to fight another day. Matt suddenly attacks Drew as he’s speaking. Matt unloads and sends Drew to the floor. Matt look on from the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and the bell rings as Matt charges with strikes. Matt unloads in the corner but Drew misses the bulldog. Matt clotheslines Drew over the top rope to the floor. Drew blocks a Twist of Fate on the floor, and shoves Matt into the steel ring steps. Drew brings Matt back into the ring. Drew works Matt over but runs into the ring post as he charges in the corner.

Matt comes right back with a Side Effect on Drew for a close 2 count. Matt calls for the “Delete!” chant but Drew blocks the Twist of Fate once again. Drew slides out of a pin and hits the FutureShock DDT out of nowhere. Drew hits the corner and waits for Matt to get up now. Drew delivers the Claymore Kick for the pin to win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– After the match, Drew stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays.

– Still to come, Rey Mysterio defends his title against AJ Styles.

– We see Charlotte Flair’s Handicap Match loss to The Kabuki Warriors last week. We see footage from earlier today where Flair and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch were backstage. Flair told Becky she didn’t like her, but even more she doesn’t like Asuka and Kairi Sane. Flair asked if Becky wants to be Becky 2 Belts once again. Becky indicated a Handicap Match against the two for tonight and would rather take them on by herself. Flair wished her good luck and walked off. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Kevin Owens is walking around looking for AOP backstage. He asks a few WWE employees and then Mojo Rawley. Mojo tries to send him in different directions and laughs at him. Owens delivers a huge slap to the face and mocks Mojo. Owens walks off.

RAW Tag Team Titles Match: The Street Profits vs. The Viking Raiders

We go to the ring as RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders come out, Ivar and Erik. The Vikings take the mics and say they’ve been searching for worthy challengers for weeks, but they just keep finding victims. This is why they’re issuing an open challenge to any tag team who thinks they can take the gold. Now let the raid begin. The music hits and out comes The Street Profits, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. Ford and Dawkins enter the ringside area from the crowd and pose as the music plays. Erik and Ivar stare them down. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Erik starts off with Ford. Erik flies but misses. Ford tags in Dawkins for the double team. Ford flies out to the floor and takes Ivar down. Ford ends up tagging back in and flying off the top for a close top on Erik but Ivar breaks it up just in time. Ford and Dawkins go for the big double team but it back-fires. Ivar tags back in and flattens Ford. Ford and Ivar have a stalemate now. Ford shows off some and Ivar drops him with a big kick for a 2 count.

Dawkins tags back in and rocks Erik off the apron. Dawkins and Ivar go at it now. Dawkins overpowers and slams Ivar for a close 2 count. Dawkins tags in Ford and they go to double team Ivar but he takes them down. Erik tags back in and they double team the challengers. Ivar tags back in and they send Dawkins out. They go on and hit Ford with the big double team Viking Experience for the pin to retain.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

– After the match, Erik and Ivar stand tall and raise the titles as their music hits. Dawkins enters the ring to help Ford up. We get a show of respect between the two teams. Seth Rollins’ music hits and out he comes, marching to the ring. Rollins says he hates to interrupt like this but there’s something he has to take care of. He says they’re all welcome to stay out here while he does it. The Street Profits leave first. The Vikings are out next, staring at Rollins on the way out. Rollins says he has unfinished business with AOP. He doesn’t give a damn if he has a broken hand or if it’s 2-on-1, he wants to fight AOP right now. The music hits and out comes Kevin Owens instead, walking with the lead pipe.

Owens enters the ring and Rollins says this is between he and AOP, but if Owens wants to have a talk, that’s fine, just without the pipe. Owens says this pipe isn’t for him, yet, it’s for AOP. Owens says Rollins knows AOP isn’t here. He asks Rollins when they will be here so the three of them can beat Owens down. Rollins insists he has no association with them. The big screen shows AOP arriving backstage. Akam and Rezar enter the arena as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins warns Owens that AOP is about to come kick his ass, and Rollins has no association with them. Owens goes on and Rollins finally leaves the ring, and heads to the back. He has no part in this. Owens stands tall in the ring with the pipe and tells AOP he’s ready to do this. Akam and Rezar appear on the big screen instead, speaking in their native languages as fans give them the “What!?” treatment. Owens mocks them and just wants them to come to the ring, preferably one at a time, to fight. The music hits and out comes Sami Zayn with Mojo Rawley instead.

Sami knows everyone is surprised to see him here because he’s a SmackDown Superstar, but he was able to get a managerial license that gives him some freedom to go back and forth on RAW and SmackDown. Sami says Owens knows him best and knows he’s not a manager, he’s a liberator, he sets people free. Sami and Mojo are in the ring now, staring Owens down. Sami says the slap to Mojo’s face in the back was too far, and Owens humiliated Mojo. Fans cheer and Sami calls them idiots. Sami can’t help Owens until he first admits he was wrong in front of all these people. Sami asks Owens if he will apologize to Mojo. Fans boo. Mojo yells at Owens to look at Sami when he’s talking to him. Mojo isn’t going to let Owens disrespect Sami too.

Sami warns Mojo not to be so loud and take that tone with Owens when he has that look in his eye, and the pipe in his hands. Mojo taunts Owens some more. Owens tosses the pipe to Mojo and hits the Stunner on him when he catches it. Sami looks shocked as he exits the ring. Owens nails Mojo with the pipe several times while he’s down. Sami cringes on the ramp. Referees run down to check on Mojo at ringside. We go back to commercial as Owens stands tall in the ring.

– Back from the break and we see Kevin Owens hunting AOP backstage.

Aleister Black vs. Akira Tozawa

We go to the ring and out first comes Aleister Black. Black vs. Buddy Murphy is confirmed for TLC. We get backstage video of Murphy talking about how he’s better than Black and will prove that on Sunday. Akira Tozawa is out next.

The bell rings and Black stares Tozawa down before they lock up and go at it, trading holds. Back and forth for a few minutes. Black with big arm drags as Tozawa yells out. Tozawa misses and Black takes a seat in the middle of the ring, staring him down. Black blocks a kick and unloads with strikes of his own. Tozawa rocks Black with an elbow. Black catches Tozawa but Tozawa tosses him with a scissors, sending him out. Tozawa runs the ropes and goes to fly out, but Black catches him with a jumping knee at the apron.

Tozawa lands hard on the outside. Black brings him back in and stalks him. Tozawa gets up but Black puts him right back down with a Black Mass kick. Black covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Aleister Black

– After the match, Black sits up as his music hits. We go to replays.

– Charly Caruso is backstage with a video package on Humberto Carrillo. Caruso is about to interview Carrillo when Zelina Vega comes up. Carrillo goes to let her speak first but Andrade runs up and he’s not happy. He runs Carrillo down in Spanish and it looks like they will wrestle tonight. Andrade storms off.

– Back from the break and a Liv Morgan “Makeover” is coming soon to RAW.

Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo

We go to the ring and out first comes Andrade with Zelina Vega. Humberto Carrillo is out next.

The bell rings and Andrade immediately attacks. Andrade unloads and stomps while Carrillo is down as Vega looks on. Carrillo counters but gets hit with a huge back-drop for a 2 count. Andrade keeps control and nails a big dropkick. Andrade with more offense and shots in the corner. Carrillo finally hits a big crossbody from the top for a pop. Vega looks concerned as Carrillo sends Andrade out of the ring with a big arm drag.

Fans continue cheering Carrillo on as he leaps to the top and hits a big moonsault to the floor, taking Andrade down on the outside. We go to commercial with Carrillo in control.

Back from the break and they go at it in the ring. Carrillo with a big high crossbody. They tangle and Carrillo drops Andrade with a big kick to the face. Carrillo rolls into a moonsault but Andrade kicks out just in time. Vega is relieved at ringside.

Carrillo keeps control and takes it to the corner with big strikes. Carrillo takes Andrade back to the top but Andrade turns him upside down. Andrade with the double stomp in a Tree of Woe. Carrillo still kicks out at 2 and Vega can’t believe it. Fans cheer Carrillo on as Andrade stomps away on him in the corner. Andrade charges in with the double knees but Carrillo moves and Andrade hits hard.

Carrillo goes right to the top and nails the missile dropkick. Carrillo botches the Aztec Press in the corner and Andrade kicks out at 2. Vega barks orders as they both try to get up. They trade holds. Carrillo rocks Andrade and avoids a back elbow. Andrade dodges kicks and drops Carrillo with a stiff back elbow for another close 2 count. Andrade can’t believe it now. Andrade drags Carrillo over and goes back to the top. Andrade moonsaults but lands on his feet. He follows up with the double knees in the corner. Carrillo comes back with a big dropkick in the corner. Andrade fights off Carrillo’s shoulders.

Vega gets on the apron to provide a distraction. Andrade charges but Carrillo moves. Andrade collides with Vega and knocks her off the apron to the floor. Andrade is shocked. Carrillo comes from behind and rolls Andrade up for the pin to win.

Winner: Humberto Carrillo

– After the match, Carrillo makes his exit as the music hits. We go to replays. Vega enters the ring where Andrade is. Carrillo watches from the stage as Andrade yells at Vega, about this being her problem. Vega screams back at him. Andrade and Vega continue yelling at each other in the ring.

– Rey Mysterio is backstage. Rey says the United States Title means everything to him and if AJ is man enough to beat him, he will be the first to congratulate him and shake his hand. Rey promises he will do everything in his power to prove to everyone that he is worthy of being called…. Rey Mysterio, and still the United States Champion. Rey walks off and we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a plug for the second “Broken Skull Sessions” episode with WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg.

– Kevin Owens is backstage looking for AOP, still carrying the pipe. One WWE employee tells Owens he just saw AOP heading to their van outside. Owens thanks him and walks off.

Buddy Murphy vs. Zack Ryder

We go to the ring and Zack Ryder waits as Buddy Murphy makes his way to the ring. Curt Hawkins is on the outside to support Ryder. We get a pre-recorded message with Aleister Black sending a warning to Murphy ahead of their match at TLC on Sunday.

The bell rings and they lock up. Murphy fights Ryder off and into the corner. Murphy runs into a big kick but pulls Ryder to the mat and covers for a 2 count. Murphy works Ryder over while he’s down as Hawkins cheers his tag team partner on.

Ryder looks to make a comeback now. Ryder counters and slams Murphy face-first into the mat. Ryder connects with a big dropkick. Ryder with the right hand in the corner and a big Broski Boot, knocking Murphy out of the ring to the floor. Murphy drops Hawkins with a big cheap shot to the face.

Ryder responds by sending Murphy into the barrier with a big kick from the ring. Ryder brings it back into the ring but Murphy connects with a jumping knee to the face. Murphy goes on and hits Murphy’s Law on Ryder for the pin to win.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

– After the match, Murphy makes his exit as his music hits. We go to replays.

– Still to come, The Kabuki Warriors vs. Becky Lynch in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match.

– We see Kevin Owens hunting AOP in the backstage area. He approaches the front of their van, pipe in his hand. Owens starts smashing the windshield and the side windows, and mirrors with the pipe, yelling at Akam and Rezar to come out. Owens goes on destroying the van with the pipe. He beats open the back door and we see someone sitting there. Owens goes to grab the person but that’s when The Authors of Pain attack him from behind. Akam and Rezar beat Owens down and send him crashing into debris in the back. They slam Owens’ head into the back door and he goes down. Rezar yells at the person in the van and they turn around, removing their hood to reveal Seth Rollins. Rollins exits the van and apologizes to Owens that it had to come to this. Rollins delivers a big Stomp to Owens on the concrete. Rollins stands over Owens, in between Akam and Rezar. He looks at them and they walk off together. We go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see what just happened to Kevin Owens.

– We go to the stage and out comes Seth Rollins with a mic.

Rollins asks the fans what they want from him. He’s been asking himself that for a long time now. Rollins and the fans used to get along, used to see things eye to eye but somewhere it went wrong and he’s trying to figure out why. Rollins goes on about doing everything right – not taking nights off, fighting through injuries, laying it all on the line every time he gets in the ring. Fans boo as Rollins goes on about sticking his neck out in the ring and in the media. Rollins sticks his neck on the line and just gets yelled at and spit on. He’s sick of it. Rollins told us the truth but the truth wasn’t good enough. He goes on about fans believing Kevin Owens when Owens called him a liar. He says Owens couldn’t lace his boots. Owens tried telling us he didn’t have anything to do with AOP, and that was the truth but once again, the truth isn’t good enough. Rollins goes on ranting about all he’s done for the fans and how it still wasn’t enough. Rollins goes on and says he’s standing with Akam and Rezar because they understand. The music hits and out they come to join him on the stage. Rollins looks at them and smiles. He hands them the mic and walks off to the back. They turn and follow him without speaking.

– We see Kevin Owens being loaded onto a stretcher, then into an ambulance.

2-on-1 Handicap Match: The Kabuki Warriors vs. Becky Lynch

We go to the ring for tonight’s 2-on-1 Handicap Match as RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way out. The pyro goes off as she heads down the ramp for this non-title match. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors are out next, Asuka and Kairi Sane.

Asuka starts off with Becky as the bell rings. Becky rocks Asuka with a right hand and takes her to the corner, stomping away as the referee warns her. Asuka sends Becky to a corner but misses with a strike. Becky comes back with a big suplex, sending Asuka to the floor for a breather. Sane comes over to guard Asuka and talk trash to Lynch as fans chant for The Man. Asuka goes back down on the floor. Lynch is distracted again, and turns around to Asuka rocking her as she comes back in the ring.

Asuka works Lynch over and beats her down off a cheap shot. Asuka puts boots to Lynch in the corner. Asuka with a running Hip Attack in the corner. Asuka with strikes and a takedown out of the corner. Asuka kicks Lynch in the back and covers for a close 2 count. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Sane has Lynch grounded in the middle of the ring. Lynch looks to make a comeback with a right hand off the ropes. Sane kicks Lynch away and tags in Asuka. Asuka charges but Lynch sends her to the floor. Lynch dropkicks Asuka off the apron to the floor. Lynch comes back in and unloads with clotheslines and strikes to both opponents, making a comeback as fans cheer her on.

Lynch works on Sane in the corner but Asuka delivers knees to the back. Lynch fights her off and hits Sane with a Bexploder out of the corner. Lynch continues to fight them both off, hitting a double inverted DDT for a 2 count on Sane. Lynch goes to the top but Sane rocks her and slams her to the mat. Sane screams and drops an elbow. Sane goes to the top now as Asuka tags in. Sane misses the InSane Elbow on Lynch. Asuka come in but Lynch gets the upperhand and hits a Bexploder. More back and forth now. Lynch misses the top rope leg drop as Asuka moves. Asuka with the Asuka Lock on Lynch now.

Lynch gets to her feet and fights Asuka off. Lynch uses the Asuka Lock on Asuka now. Sane drags Asuka to the floor to break Asuka’s own hold on her. Sane rolls Asuka back in and grabs Becky on the outside. Becky counters and sends Sane flying into the barrier. Lynch sweeps Asuka on the apron and she lands face-first. Lynch jumps off the apron but Asuka catches her with a knee to the face on the way down. All three Superstars are down on the floor now as the referee counts. Asuka comes back in. Sane hols Lynch’s leg as the referee counts. Lynch kicks her away and makes it back in at the 9 count. Asuka meets Lynch with a Shining Wizard for another close 2 count.

Asuka and Lynch fight up from their knees now. More back and forth between the two. Sane comes in and levels Lynch int he corner. Asuka lifts Lynch on her shoulders as Sane goes to the top for the big double team. Sane clips Lynch off Asuka’s shoulders but Lynch kicks out just in time. Sane screams in frustration. Sane drags Lynch back to the corner and goes to the top as some fans rally for Lynch. Sane goes for the InSane Elbow but Lynch barely gets her feet up. Lynch goes into the Dis-Arm-Her on Sane but Asuka breaks it up. Lynch slams Asuka, sending her out to the floor. Lynch with the submission on Sane again but Asuka pulls her to the floor to safety. Fans boo the champions.

Lynch goes to the floor and drops Asuka against the barrier. She goes for Sane but Asuka nails h er from behind. Asuka brings a steel chair over and nails Lynch in the gut with it for the disqualification as the referee calls the match.

Winner by DQ: Becky Lynch

– After the bell, Asuka delivers a few more chair shots as Lynch is forced back down. Sane and Asuka stand up a table at ringside now. They position Lynch onto it as Sane goes to the top. Sane delivers the InSane Elbow through the table on Lynch. Sane and Asuka stand tall as officials check on Lynch and tell them to go away. We get replays of the huge elbow through the table. Sane and Asuka head up the ramp with the titles as fans boo them. They celebrate with the titles on the stage as Lynch looks on from ringside.

– The OC is backstage. AJ Styles says it’s time for OC business. He puts over Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, and says sooner than later they will take the RAW Tag Team >Titles from The Viking Raiders, and they will celebrate with the WWE United States Champion because AJ is beating Rey Mysterio tonight. AJ says if Randy Orton wants to stick his nose in OC business again, they won’t just hurt Orton for tonight or tomorrow, maybe they will end his career forever. We go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a “Paid for by the nWo…” announcement on their 2020 WWE Hall of Fame induction. They mentioned Batista’s induction earlier.

– Charlotte Flair is in the trainer’s room with Becky Lynch while she’s getting iced up. Lynch is defiant and Flair walks out of the room. Flair is walking up the hallway when she’s attacked from behind by Asuka and Kairi Sane. They have a steel chair and beat Flair down in the hallway.

Erick Rowan vs. Enhancement Talent

We go to the ring and out comes Erick Rowan as an enhancement talent who was not identified waits in the ring. Rowan is carrying his covered pet cage to the ring once again.

The bell rings and the jobber is terrified. He immediately runs out of the ring, grabs the pet cage and runs with it to the top of the stage. He sets the cage down and runs back to to the ring as Rowan runs to the stage. The jobber is in the ring, telling the referee to count now. Rowan checks on his pet and runs back to the ring before the 10 count. Rowan misses a clothesline but comes right back with a crossbody.

Rowan yells at the guy and delivers a big Iron Claw slam in the middle of the ring. Rowan delivers two more Iron Claw slams as the referee yells at him and orders him to get out of the ring. Rowan goes back to to the stage to check on his pet, promising that he took care of the jobber.

– Charly Caruso stops The Kabuki Warriors backstage and asks them what’s next for them after the dominant showing. They challenge Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch to challenge them for TLC. They walk off and we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in the trainer’s room. Now they’re willing to team together and fight The Kabuki Warriors, but they want a TLC match at the TLC pay-per-view.

– We cut to a “Monday After the Weekend Update” SNL-style segment with The Street Profits. They confirm Flair and Lynch vs. Sane and Asuka at TLC, in a TLC match, for the tag titles. They crack jokes on Asuka’s green mist next. They talk about The Miz vs. WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt next, joking that USA Network is giving The Fiend and Abby The Witch a Miz & Mrs.-style show. They also confirm a Tables Match between Rusev and Bobby Lashley for Sunday. They talk about King Baron Corbin vs. Roman Reigns at TLC. They do some more comedy and promise TLC will be off the chain this Sunday. They go on and remind us that they want all the smoke.

WWE United States Title Match: AJ Styles vs. Rey Mysterio

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event as AJ Styles makes his way out first. WWE United States Champion Rey Mysterio is out next. Rey greets fans at ringside as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and the bell rings as they go at it to start. They go to the mat and trade holds. AJ with two quick pin attempts. They trade more close pin attempts and counters on the mat. We get a stalemate after another brief but intense exchange. AJ grabs Rey and sends him shoulder-first into the corner, going down to the mat. AJ slingshots Rey into the turnbuckle now, then again into the opposite turnbuckle. AJ slingshots Rey into another counter but he counters with the ropes and rolls AJ for a 2 count. Rey hits the ropes but AJ aggressively knocks him right to the mat and talks some trash.

AJ keeps Rey grounded now, putting a knee to the back. Fans start rallying for Rey now. Rey fights up and out. AJ grabs his back but Rey sends him flying through the ropes, to the floor. Rey with a dropkick through the ropes to send AJ back to the floor. Rey goes on and nails a big moonsault from the ropes to the floor. Rey kicks AJ and rolls him back in as Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson come walking down the ramp to boos.

AJ takes advantage of the distraction and rocks Rey at the ropes. AJ sends Rey face-first into the ring post and he goes down. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rey is fighting AJ off in the middle of the ring. Rey flies off the springboard but AJ catches him in mid-air with a big dropkick for a close 2 count. AJ launches Rey under the bottom rope back to the floor as Gallows and Anderson look on, talking trash. The referee counts on Rey as AJ stands tall in the ring.

Rey makes it back in the ring right before the 10 count. AJ works Rey over in the corners but misses a big flying shot. Rey keeps fighting and knocks AJ out to the floor. Rey leaps through the ropes and hits a unique sunset powerbomb into the barrier, hitting the back of AJ’s head on the barrier. Joe calls it a sunset flip wall bomb. The referee counts both competitors as they struggle to get up. They both make it back in at the 9 count.

Fans start to rally as they get up and trade strikes in the middle of the ring now. Rey with a big head scissors takedown. AJ sends Rey to the apron but he fights and springboards in with the plancha. Rey drops a leg and covers for a close 2 count. Rey goes for another springboard moonsault but AJ catches him. Rey counters and turns that into a big DDT for another close 2 count. Rey rocks AJ in the corner and they tangle. AJ runs into a boot. AJ counters and drops Rey face-first into the mat. Gallows and Anderson yell in from ringside.

Rey goes on and drops AJ into position for a 619 with an enziguri. Fans pop as Rey runs the ropes but Gallows sacrifices himself on the 619. Rey takes out Anderson but AJ takes advantage and drops Rey’s neck over his knee. Rey still kicks out at 2. AJ goes to the top but Rey cuts him off. Rey climbs up for the hurricanrana but AJ tries to turn it into the Styles Clash, but botches and lands bad. Styles re-groups and hits the Styles Clash. AJ goes for the pin but Randy Orton slides int he ring out of nowhere, stops and smiles at AJ, preventing him from going for the pin.

AJ re-groups and goes for the Styles Clash again but Rey turns it into a roll-up for the pin to retain.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

– RAW abruptly ends and goes off the air as soon as the bell hits, as Rey is exiting the ring to begin his celebration. That was a really weird ending as the show went off the air.

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