Gino Medina

Dec 8, 2019 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Luis Medina
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220 lbs.
Date of Birth: 1996
From: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Resides: Houston, Texas
Pro Debut:
Trained By: Booker T.
Finishing Move: Eat Defeat


– September 12, 2015, Gino defeated the Mysterious Q for the ROW Championship at a TV taping.
– October 8, 2016, after defending the ROW Title 9x, Gino alongside JJ Blake lose a 3-Way to Evan Snow for the ROW Title at a TV taping.
– December 10th, Gino wins the ROW title in a Ladder match against Evan Snow at ROW: Christmas Chaos XI.
– February 4, 2017, Gino defeated Colby Corino for the VCW Commonwealth Heritage title.
– April 8th, Gino loses the ROW Title to Ayden Cristiano in a Lucha Extrema match at ROW Extrema.
– December 2nd, Gino competed in the Lutz Memorial Cup ’17, held by VCW.
– December 9th, Gino wins the ROW Title in a Lucha Extrema Title vs. Career match by defeating Ayden Cristiano at ROW: Christmas Chaos XII.
– July 28, 2018, Gino wins the 20-Man Liberty Lottery Battle Royal ’18, held by VCW.
– August 11th, Gino loses the ROW title to Rex Andrews at ROW: Summer of Champions V.
– October 6th, Gino defeated Ace Austin at VCW: A Nightmare on Granby Street.
– December 29th, Gino defeated JJ Blake at ROW: Christmas Chaos XIII.
– March 9, 2019, Gino defeated Gangrel (c) & Brandon Scott in a 3-Way for the VCW Championship.
– March 29th, Gino defeated Sammy Guevara for the Bull of the Woods title at VIP TexasMania 2.
– September 7th, Gino defended the VCW title against Rhino at VCW: Peanut City Showdown 4.
– October 12th, Gino competed in the Rise to Wrestling Tournament that was held by ROW.
November 11th, Gino defeated Air Wolf at the MLW Saturday Night SuperFight Pre-Show.
– November 9th, Gino defeated a local unknown jobber in 41 seconds at MLW Blood & Thunder.
– December 5th, Gino defeated Savio Vega in a New York Street Fight at MLW Opera Cup ’19.

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