Maxx Stardom

Dec 7, 2019 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Ricky Martinez
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 199 lbs.
Date of Birth: November 4, 1988
From: Miami, Florida
Pro Debut: March 16, 2008
Trained By: Alex G & Rusty Brooks
Finishing Move: Plasma Crunch


– Before settling on his real name, Martinez went by Maxx Stardom & Maximo Estrello.
– June 13, 2008, Maximo, Maximum Capacity & Tommy Vandal defeated Austin Amadeus, Johnny Vandal & Lou Cypher for the D1PW Caribbean Title at D1PW: Friday the 13th.
– September 14th, Maxx won the ICW Pure X title by defeating J-Dawg Brooks at ICW Road to Ruin ’08.
– April 12, 2009, the System (Maxx & Mykal Manix) defeated The Midnight Studs (JT Flash & Bobby Sanford) for the ICW United States Tag Team titles at ICW: Bunnies & Bodyslams.
– July 19th, Maxx loses the ICW Pure X title to J-Dawg Brooks at ICW: Card Subject to Change.
– February 10, 2010, The System lose the ICW United States Tag Team titles to the TradeMarx (Jason Trade & Adrian Marx) at ICW Lucha Fest.
– June 12th, the System regain the ICW United States Tag Team titles by defeating the TradeMarx in a Ladder match at ICW: No Boundaries ’10.
– August 7th, Maxx wins a 21-Man Battle Royal to win the ICW Pure X title at ICW: 2nd Annual Summer Brawl.
– October 23rd, the System lose the ICW United States Tag Team titles in a tag team gauntlet match to the Rude Awakening (Shawn Prime & J-Biggs) at ICW: Challenge of Champions.
– January 15, 2011, Maxx won the #1 Contendership 31-Man Battle Rumble at the ICW: Battle Rumble ’11.
– October 21st, Maxx won the vacant FOW International title by winning a Battle Royal at FOW: Battle in Boca 2.
– March 3, 2012, Maxx loses the FOW International title to Johnny Vandal in a 3-Way at FOW Blast from the Past.
– June 16th, the System win the ICW United States Tag Team titles for the 3rd time by defeating Andrew D. Dawson & David Modem in a Table match at ICW: No Boundaries ’12.
– Maxx founded his own promotion titled UKnow Pro Wrestling that was based out of Miami, Florida but only lasted from 2013 – 2014. Maxx was the inaugural UKnow Pro Florida Champion.
– June 24, 2016, the System won the vacant ICW United States Tag Team titles for the 4th time by defeating the TECH Squad (Mike Monroe & TC Read) at ICW/UKnow: Summer Brawl ’16.
– August 2nd, Maxx defeated Chico Adams for the RPW Coastal Pride title at RPW: 1 Year Anniversary.
– February 17, 2017, Maxx defeated Lio Rush at PPW: Valentines Vengeance.
– March 30th, Maxx won the vacant Florida Five Star Title by defeating Alexander James, Tyler Murphy, Dan Barry & Jason Cade at OCW/FTPW: Downtown Throwdown.
– April 8th, Maxx defeated Brian Cage at PPW: LuchaMania.
– April 19th, Maxx loses to Jeet Rama at WWE NXT #246.
– June 2nd, Maxx competed in the Florida J Cup ’17 and lost in the finals to Jonny Vandal.
– July 1st, Maxx won the PPW Silverweight title by winning a 3-Way against Mr. 450 & Jason Cade (c) at PPW: Fight 4 Independence ’17.
– August 24th, Martinez, Jake James & Alfred Watkins lost to Lars Sullivan in a 3 on 1 Handicap match at WWE NXT #264.
– May 10, 2018, Martinez & Justin Storm lose to the War Raiders (Hanson & Rowe) at WWE NXT #304.
– June 1st, Maxx competed in the Florida J-Cup ’18.
– June 7th, Martinez loses to Low Ki at MLW Fusion #19.
– July 31st, Martinez loses to Lio Rush at WWE 205 Live #88.
– September 6th, Martinez defeated Jake St. Patrick at MLW: War Games.
– October 4th, Martinez loses to Puma King at MLW: Fury Road.
– November 8th, Martinez defeated Rex Bacchus at MLW: Fightland.
– December 13th, Martinez defeated Gringo Loco at MLW Fusion #40.
– December 14th, Martinez defeated Fred Yehi at MLW Fusion #42.
– January 1, 2019, Maxx defeated Jeremiah Plunkett at NWA Pop Up – New Year’s Clash.
– February 2nd, Martinez defeated Kotto Brazil at MLW Fusion #43 – SuperFight.
– March 2nd, Martinez defeated Air Wolf at MLW Fusion #51.
– April 4th, Martinez teamed up twice with Low Ki, the 1st time defeating Chris Pagan & Troy Hollywood at MLW Fusion & the 2nd losing to LAX (Ortiz & Santana) at Impact Wrestling: United We Stand.
– April 5th, Martinez & El Hijo de LA Park lost to Sami Callihan & Mance Warner and also competed in the 39-Man Battle Riot match that took place at MLW Fusion #52 – Battle Riot II.
– June 1st, Martinez lost to Low Ki at MLW Fusion #62.
– June 29th, Martinez lost to Teddy Hart at USA Pro Wrestle War II.
– July 6th, Martinez loses again to Low Ki at MLW Fusion #68.
– July 25th, Martinez lost to Mance Warner at MLW Fusion #71.
– October 13th, Martinez defeated D3 at the GWA 2nd Annual Cancer Benefit Show.

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