WWE SmackDown Report 12/6/19

Dec 6, 2019 - by Marc Middleton

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown on FOX opens with a video package looking back at what happened last week with Daniel Bryan and WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. We also see how the Yes Movement apparently returned last week.

– We’re live from the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, North Carolina as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by Corey Graves at ringside.

– The music immediately hits and The Miz is already making his way out to the ring for another must see episode of MizTV.

Miz says he was supposed to start the show with MizTV and Daniel Bryan as his guest, but after the horrific actions last week, Bryan has disappeared. Miz goes on and says he knows Bryan better than a lot of people because of their history, and he believes we saw the real Bryan last week as The Yes Movement returned, but The Fiend yanked it away and now Bryan is nowhere to be found. Miz makes it clear that he never liked Bryan, but he cares. Miz can’t believe he’s saying that. He vows to get to the bottom of everything and find out what happened to Bryan.

The Firefly Fun House music hits as WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt appears on the big screen. He taunts Miz and says Miz doesn’t want to know about Bryan, he’s not sure if he even wants to know what happened because Bryan could be with… him. Wyatt says “he” might not be done with Bryan. Wyatt says Bryan is supposed to come play with him at TLC, but he’s not sure if he will be able to make it, so maybe Miz wants to play at TLC instead.

Miz interrupts about Bryan being family in WWE. Wyatt is sad that no one wants to play but the word “family” got his attention. Family is the word of the day, according to Ramblin’ Rabbit. Wyatt said he used to have a family. The screen flashes for The Fiend. Wyatt says now he has a chance to join a new famiky. He picks up a framed photo of The Miz, Maryse and their kids. Wyatt laughs and asks Miz if he wants to come play with him now. Miz isn’t happy. He exits the ring and heads to the back as Wyatt laughs and says it’s time to say goodbye from the Fun House. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and The Miz is backstage, talking to Maryse on the phone, about what Bray Wyatt just said. Miz tells her to calm down, everything will be fine, but just lock everything up to be safe. Miz says he is taking a flight home to be with his family. He walks off.

Mandy Rose vs. Alexa Bliss

We go to the ring and out comes Mandy Rose with Sonya Deville. Greg Hamilton does the introductions. Out next comes Alexa Bliss with Nikki Cross.

Jessika Carr is the referee for this match, making her full-time main roster debut. Rose and Bliss tangle. Rose talks trash about being careful with her face. Bliss drops Rose with a drop toe hold and sends her to the floor for a breather. Bliss goes for a baseball slide but misses. Rose comes right back with a big jumping knee to drop Bliss on the floor. Rose smashes Bliss into the apron a few times and talks trash.

Rose brings it back into the ring for a 2 count. Rose keeps Bliss grounded now and manhandles her some on the mat as the referee warns her. Rose rips off some of Bliss’ eyelashes now. Rose taunts Bliss some more as fans boo her. Bliss fights up and out. Rose rocks her with a right hand and then dropkicks her. Rose with a running kick to the face for another pin attempt. The referee called the pin off because Rose’s foot was under the rope. They argue. More back and forth as Bliss rolls Rose for a 2 count.

Rose with more trash talking and bullying around. A furious Bliss grabs her throat and pushes her back, then slams her down in the middle of the ring. Bliss with right hands and a basement dropkick. Bliss keeps control and stomps on Rose’s face. Deville gets on the apron but jumps off when Bliss swings. Cross with a crossbody from the steel steps to Deville on the floor. Rose tries to take advantage but it backfires. Bliss comes back and plants Rose again. Bliss goes to the top as fans cheer her on. She nails Twisted Bliss and covers Rose for the pin to win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

– After the match, Bliss stands tall as her music hits. We see Bliss’ eyelashes on the mat and get a replay showing how they were ripped off. Cross and Bliss celebrate as the replays continue.

– Still to come, King Corbin has vowed to humiliate Roman Reigns. Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler will take place later tonight.

– Dana Brooke is backstage at catering when Drake Maverick approaches. He brings up how Brooke said on WWE’s The Bump that she’s going on a dinner date with Batista. Dana says she is and she’s excited. Drake thought he and Dana had something going between them last week. He asks what Batista has that he doesn’t. The guitar plays as Elias approaches. He starts playing and singing as Dana and the table of people behind them start dancing. Elias sings about Batista being better than Drake and Drake getting no action. There’s also a line about Drake’s wife waking up in Elias’ bed. Drake slaps Elias and walks off. Dana asked if that really happened with Drake’s wife. Elias says no, but it’s going to happen now. Elias walks off and we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Drake Maverick is in the ring asking everyone if they think this is funny. He asks Elias if he thinks this is funny. Fans chant “yes!” and Drake isn’t happy. Drake tells Elias that no one makes a mockery of him, his marriage, or his beautiful wife. Drake calls Elias to the ring so they can fight.

The music hits and out comes Elias with Dana Brooke. Elias enters the ring by himself. Drake charges and Elias easily holds him back with one arm, while Drake swings and kicks away. Dana laughs at ringside. Drake swings and misses, hitting the mat. Elias manhandles Drake some and then bends him over his knee to spank him. Elias punt kicks Drake in the rear end to finally kick him out of the ring as Dana claps. Elias brings Drake back in the ring but he goes right back out. Dana grabs Drake and rolls him back in the ring. Elias kicks Drake below the belt and hits a Drift Away to lay him out. Dana walks in and puts her boot on Drake as Elias counts a pin.

– The Miz is walking through the backstage area on a mission. He kicks open one door and walks in. The family photo from earlier is sitting on a table, but a smiling Bray Wyatt has been placed over The Miz. Wyatt suddenly appears behind Miz, in his Fun House gear, and tells him to say cheese. Miz turns around and Wyatt drops him with Sister Abigail. Wyatt laughs and taunts Miz some more on his way out of the room after placing the framed photo on his chest. We go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and The Miz is being helped up in the back. He’s looking for the photo that was placed on his chest but it’s gone.

– Cole shows us some of the tweets from today’s 17th annual Tribute to the Troops events at Camp LeJune in nearby Jacksonville, NC.

– We go to the ring and out comes SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day, Kofi Kingston and Big E. Cole and Graves plug their new podcast as they toss pancakes to the fans.

Fatal 4 Way #1 Contenders Elimination Match: Mustafa Ali and Shorty G vs. The Lucha House Party vs. The Revival vs. Heavy Machinery

We go to the ring for a Fatal 4 Way that will crown new #1 contenders to challenge The New Day for the titles at WWE TLC. Out first comes Mustafa Ali. His partner Shorty G is out next. Out next comes The Lucha House Party – Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik with Kalisto. The Revival is out next, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. Heavy Machinery is out last, Otis and Tucker.

G and Metalik start things off, going back and forth. They trade holds again and G takes Metalik down in the middle of the ring. Ali tags in for the quick double team. They go back and forth some more, then show each other up a few times. They have another exchange for another stalemate as fans cheer. Lince and Tucker go at it in the ring now. Tucker lands a big dropkick. The Revival runs in but Lince and Tucker fight them off. Lince and Tucker go back at it now. Tucker uses Lince to knock other opponents off the apron.

Lince with a springboard back Stunner to Tucker. Otis tags in and Lince ducks, then dropkicks him out of the ring. Lince and Metalik hit double springboard moonsaults to others on the floor. Kalisto celebrates and tries to get a “lucha!” chant going. The Revival take out others on the floor. Heavy Machinery hits The Compactor on Metalik to get the pin. Lucha House Party has been eliminated.

Kalisto comes in and argues with the referee as Tucker and Otis stand tall. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and G is going at it with Tucker. The New Day is still on commentary. Otis was taken out during the break, launched into the barrier. Dash fights off Tucker and knocks G off the apron. Tucker kicks Dash back. G tags in and charges at Tucker but gets dropped. Dawson tags in but Tucker back-drops him. Otis marches into the ring for a pop. He tags in and takes out multiple opponents. Otis spins Dawson around and slams him. Otis runs into Dawson’s boot in the corner. Dawson rocks Otis some more but he just takes it and hulks up.

Otis keeps taking the shots, then launches Dawson across the ring. Otis with a big splash in the corner. Dash tags in but Otis knocks him off the apron. Otis calls for the Caterpillar as fans pop. He hits it on Dawson but Dash comes in with a sunset flip and with an assist, rolls Otis up for the pin. Heavy Machinery has been eliminated.

Fans boo as Tucker and Otis are sent to the back as The Revival takes credit. The Revival faces off in the ring with G and Ali now. The Revival turns their back but immediately turns back around and starts fighting. Ali and G trade strikes with them. The two teams take it to the floor with The Revival getting the upperhand. The Revival argues with The New Day at ringside now. The Revival goes to bring Ali and G back in the ring, but they counter and toss The Revival into The New Day. Pancakes fly everywhere. Kofi Kingston and Big E argue with G and Ali as The Revival gets up next to them. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Dawson has G in a submission. More back and forth now. G with multiple German suplexes to Dash. Ali with a big kick into a German for a close 2 count as Dawson makes the save just in time. G tumbles to the floor with Dawson off a crossbody. Wilder and Ali go at it now. Wilder turns him inside out. Dash runs into an elbow in the corner. Ali comes off the top but Wilder counters in mid-air and plants him for a 2 count.

Ali ends up hitting a tornado DDT on Dash. Ali goes to the top but rolls through on the 450 as Dawson pulled Dash to safety. Ali dives out but they catch him and throw him into the timekeeper’s area. Shorty runs the apron and leaps off, taking down both opponents. G brings Dash back in and lands on his feet from a moonsault as Dash gets his knees up. G with the ankle lock on Dash now. Dash sends G into a Dawson uppercut from the floor. Dawson runs in and they hit the Shatter Machine for the pin to win.

Winners and New #1 Contenders: The Revival

– After the match, The Revival stands tall as their music hits and we g to replays. The Revival takes the mic as The New Day heads up the ramp now. They say it’s a new day no more, they’re taking it back to the old days, the fundamentals, what brought them to the dance. – old school, old fashioned, tag team wrestling. They go on about how The New Day will no longer be able to make a joke out of the titles and everything else. No more pancakes and unicorns. Dawson says after TLC, they can go back to crying behind their desks and doing what they do, but at least they will be able to say they got beat by the best tag team in WWE, The Revival. Dawson wraps the promo as the two teams face off from the ring and the stage.

– We see what happened last week with Roman Reigns, King Corbin, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler.

– Kayla Braxton is backstage with Roman Reigns now. She says we just saw what Reigns did to Robert Roode last week, and asks if he will do the same to Dolph Ziggler tonight. She also mentions King Baron Corbin being at ringside. Reigns isn’t worried about Corbin or anyone with him. He goes on and says at TLC, he will embarrass Corbin with a table, a ladder, or a chair. Reigns walks off and we go back to commercial.

– Back from a break and Cole plugs CM Punk being on next week’s WWE Backstage episode.

– We cut to another Sheamus vignette. Sheamus says he returned to SmackDown to find it weak and lazy. The titans he used to face have become weak shells of their former self. He says they face no real competition and there’s no one fierce enough to stand against them now. The Celtic Warrior has come home and he’s ready to ravage everyone who gets in his way.

Lacey Evans vs. Haley Jones

We go back to the ring and out first comes Lacey Evans. We see what happened last week with Lacey facing off with Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley, then dropping Banks. Evans hits the ring as enhancement talent Haley Jones waits.

The bell rings and they go at it. Evans takes control and grounds Jones. They break and Evans talks trash. They go at it again. Jones finally fights out of the corner but Evans drops her out of nowhere with the Woman’s Right. Evans covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Lacey Evans

– After the match, Evans stands tall as her music hits. The music interrupts and out comes Sasha Banks. Banks asks Evans if she thought she was going to leave. Banks tells Evans to wait in the ring because they have some unfinished business. Banks walks to the ring as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Sasha Banks is talking trash to Lacey Evans from the apron. Banks reminds Evans who she is, adding that she’s the leader of the women’s division. Fans boo. Banks says Evans is pathetic, a little Marry Poppins-wannabe. Banks tells Evans to never, ever mess with her or Bayley again. Banks calls Evans a pathetic role model to her bratty little 6 year old daughter. Evans cuts her off and warns her to never say anything about her daughter. Evans says not only is she a mother, she’s a Marine and trust her, Banks doesn’t want her to put those boots back on. Evans interrupted them last week because she’s tired of hearing them blame everyone else for their failures. Fans chant Lacey’s name now. Evans goes on about leadership and learning from the Marine Corps, and says Banks and Bayley are pathetic when it comes to being leaders. Evans threatens to drop Banks if she comes in. They drop the mics and Banks gets in Evans’ face. Evans acts like she’s going for a Woman’s Right but it just sends Banks falling back to the mat, screaming and afraid. Evans makes her exit as her music hits. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley suddenly attacks from behind at the entrance way. Banks and Bayley double team Evans as fans boo.

– We see what happened earlier with The Miz and Bray Wyatt. Miz vs. Wyatt is confirmed for WWE TLC but it looks like the title will not be on the line.

– We see Dolph Ziggler and King Corbin backstage talking. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Cole shows us more highlights from today’s Tribute to the Troops events.

Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event as Roman Reigns makes his way out. Reigns punches the ground and makes the pyro explode. Dolph Ziggler is out next.

The bell rings and they size each other up as the crowd gets into it. Reigns goes for a takedown as does Ziggler but they go to the ropes as the referee counts. Ziggler kicks Reigns’ knee and goes to work on him. Ziggler with a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Ziggler grounds Reigns and talks trash while going for his eyes. Cole says Robert Roode is out indefinitely due to last week’s beatdown from Reigns. Ziggler keeps control as fans boo him some more. Ziggler waits for Reigns to get up. He leaps across the ring but Reigns rocks him in mid-air.

Reigns powers up as Ziggler goes out for a breather. Reigns also leaves the ring and runs around for a big Drive By. Ziggler blocks it and sends Reigns into the steel ring steps. Reigns is down as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Ziggler has Reigns down. Ziggler with a 2 count and a dropkick for another quick pin attempt. Ziggler yells at Reigns and kicks him around while he’s done. Ziggler smacks Reigns around now, telling him to do something. Reigns gets up and rocks Ziggler with big right hands. Ziggler sends Reigns face-first into the turnbuckles.

Reigns rolls to the floor checking on his nose. Ziggler runs around the ring and launches Reigns ribs-first into the barrier. Ziggler with more yelling in Reigns’ face. Ziggler brings Reigns back into the ring for a 2 count. Ziggler keeps Reigns grounded with another headlock now. Reigns finally powers up from the mat and unloads with clotheslines to begin his comeback. Reigns misses a clothesline but then dumps Ziggler over the top rope to the floor. Fans pop as Reigns stands tall now.

Reigns charges on the floor and leaps off the steel steps, but Ziggler superkicks him in mid-air. They both go down on the outside now. King Baron Corbin’s music interrupts. Corbin comes out being carried on his throne by the servants with the sedan. Cole says Corbin was brought out to watch this match. We go to commercial with Corbin’s servants holding him up on the ramp.

More back and forth after the break. Ziggler drops Reigns with a big DDT for a close 2 count as Corbin watches from his sedan on the ramp. Ziggler waits for Reigns to get up. Reigns blocks a Zig Zag and Ziggler blocks a Spear, rolling Reigns for a 2 count. Reigns comes back and nails a Superman Punch but Ziggler kicks out right before the count. Corbin stands up on his sedan and taunts Reigns. Fans rally for Reigns now. He yells out at Corbin, then turns around for a Spear on Ziggler. Ziggler kicks his Spear attempt, rocks him in the corner and hits a big Zig Zag for another close pin attempt.

Corbin has stepped down from the sedan now, watching the match from ringside. Fans boo as Corbin gets on the apron and argues with the referee. Reigns sees this and is fuming. Reigns jumps up and hits a Superman Punch on Corbin to knock him off the apron. Ziggler tries to take advantage and rolls Reigns up for a close 2 count. Reigns comes right back with a big Spear for the pin to win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

– After the match, Reigns stands tall to have his arm raised as his music hits. Corbin’s servants help him up at ringside. Reigns exits the ring and runs around for a big Drive By on Corbin and a few of his servants. A few of the other servants attack Reigns now. They bring him into the ring but Reigns starts fighting them off. Corbin finally comes in and levels Reigns. The fight ends up on the floor again as the servants come back at Reigns. Reigns fights them and Corbin off, sending Corbin over the announce table. Fans pop as Reigns clears the table off now. Ziggler comes over with a big superkick to Reigns at ringside. Ziggler goes under the ring and brings handcuffs out. The servants help cuff Reigns to the ring but he fights everyone off once again. Corbin and Ziggler have cuffed Reigns to the ring post with the cuffs and chains now. Corbin unloads on Reigns while he’s trapped as the boos get louder. Ziggler joins in with punches and headbutts now. Referees try to get them to stop but they keep double teaming Reigns while he’s shackled to the post. They bring out wet dog food and smear it all over Reigns now, shoving it in his face and all over him. Corbin brings his scepter out as well. The referees finally get Corbin and Ziggler to head to the back as the boos get much louder. Reigns is just hanging from the ring post with both arms shackled above his head. Corbin and Ziggler head to the back as Reigns finally wakes up and screams out, but covered in dog food and shackled. SmackDown goes off the air.

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