Tom Lawlor

Dec 4, 2019 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Thomas Joseph Lawlor
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 205 lbs.
Date of Birth: ?
From: Fall River, Massachusetts
Resides: Las Vegas, Nevada
Pro Debut: 2005
Trained By: AJ Gallant, Matt Bentley, Chasyn Rance & Hack Myers
Finishing Move: Big Swing Guillotine


– Lawlor started his wrestling career at a young age. It began in high school and then he continued into college at the University of Central Florida.
– Lawlor chose the path of a MMA fighter working for promotions like UFC & Golden Boy Productions and has a record of 10 Wins, 7 Losses & 1 No Contest.
– Lawlor also appeared in season 8 of the Ultimate Fighter but lost by KO in the first round.
– From 2005 – 2008 Lawlor competed in promotions such as SCW, D1PW, PCW & Division Pro where he has a win over Kyle O’Reilly & wrestled with known wrestlers such as Ron Killings, Billy Gunn, Kenny King & Davey Richards. He’s used the nickname Filthy.
– May 26, 2017, Lawlor defeated Dan Severn in the first round of the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2017.
– July 21st, Lawlor defeated Eddie Kingston at AIW Absolution XII.
– July 30th, Lawlor defeated Bobby Fish by a referee’s decision at Beyond Americanrana ’17.
– September 23rd, Lawlor won Semi Final Six Way Elimination Match in a Tournemtn held by BLP by defeating Darby Allin, Dasher Hatfield, Simon Grimm, Sammy Guevara & Dominic Garrini at BLP the Darkest Timeline Tournament – Phase 1.
– October 5th, Lawlor defeated Jeff Cobb at MLW One Shot.
– December 12th, in the final match of the BLP tournament for the BLP Heavyweight title Lawlor defeated AJ Gray at BLP First of the Month.
– February 8, 2018, Lawlor defeated MVP in the first round of the tournament held for the MLW World Championship
– April 21st, Lawlor loses the BLP Championship to Jordynne Grace at BLP Slamilton.
– May 25th, Lawlor competed in the 2018 JT Lightning Invitational Tournament & defeated Frankie Flynn in the first round.
– July 19th, Lawlor won the 40 Man Battle Riot held at MLW Fusion # 15 – Battle Riot Special.
– September 6th, Lawlor defeated Joey Janela by DQ at MLW War Games.
– September 22nd, Lawlor competed in the Darkest Timeline Tournament held by BLP & defeated Jake Parnell in the first round.
– October 4th, Lawlor defeated Shane Strickland at MLW Fury Road.
– November 8th, Lawlor defeated Sami Callihan in a Chicago Street Fight at MLW Fightland.
– February 2, 2019, Lawlor defeated Low Ki for the MLW World Heavyweight title at MLW Fusion #43.
– February 16th, Lawlor competed in the Road to Glory Tournament. He defeated Jeff Cobb in the first round and Jaxon Stone in the quarter final but lost to Sheikh El Sham in the finals which was held at PCW Road to Glory ’19.
– February 22nd, Lawlor won the Prestige Title by defeating King Khash in a submission match at Prestige Tower of Snakes.
– April 4th, Lawlor won the AIW Absolute title in a 4-way by defeating Tim Donst, Matthew Justice & PB Smooth (c) at AIW Slumber Party Massacre.
– Upon winning the MLW World Heavyweight title, Lawlor defended the title 3x before losing it to Jacob Fatu on July 6th at MLW Fusion #65 – Kings of Colosseum.
– September 7th, Lawlor, the Von Erichs (Ross & Marshall) & Low Ki won the War Chamber match by defeating Contra Unit (Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael, Simon Gotch & Ikuro Kwon) at MLW Fusion #75 – War Chamber.
– November 2nd, Lawlor defeated Timothy Thatcher at MLW Saturday Night SuperFight.
– November 16th, Lawlor defeated Brett Ison at BLP Slamilton 2.
– November 29th, Lawlor lost the AIW Absolute Title to Joshua Bishop.
– December 5th, Lawlor defeated Rip Von Erich on MLW Fusion.
– December 13th, Lawlor lost to Minoru Suzuki at Warrior Wrestling 7.
– January 11, 2020, Lawlor lost to Ross Von Erich by DQ on MLW Fusion.
– January 18th, Lawlor challenged Erick Stevens for the BLP Heavyweight Championship.
– February 1st, Lawlor lost to Killer Kross by DQ on MLW Fusion.
– February 7th, Lawlor defeated Jeff Cobb at AIW Built to Last.
– February 15th, Lawlor lost to Low Ki at NHPW Battle of Honor ’20.
– March 13th, Team Filthy (Lawlor & Dominic Garrini) defeated Puma King & Extreme Tiger on MLW Fusion.
– June 13th, Lawlor defeated Rocky Romero on NJPW Lion’s Break Collision.
– August 22nd, Team Filthy (Lawlor & Erick Stevens) lost to Warhausen (Danhausen & Warhorse) at BLP Through Being Cool.
– October 9th, Lawlor defeated The Karate Man at AIW Thunder in Indianapolis.
– October 11th, Lawlor defeated Homicide at GCW Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 3.
– November 13th, Lawlor defeated Fred Rosser on NJPW STRONG.
– November 27th, Lawlor, Rust Taylor, JR Kratos & Danny Limelight defeated PJ Black, Jeff Cobb, Fred Rosser & Rocky Romero on NJPW STRONG.
– December 18th, Lawlor & JR Kratos lost to Fred Rosser & PJ Black on NJPW STRONG.
– December 23rd, Lawlor defeated Low Ki to win the MLW Opera Cup ’20.

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