WWE hopeful on her tryout

Dec 2, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

A recent GERWECK.NET female of the day, Stephanie Vaquer posted the following on her social media about her WWE try out…

1 year ago fulfilling another dream, maybe at that time I was not in my best state or physical, neither mental, nor mood, I felt bad in many ways and my head was full of things 😢 for worse I thought I had a Cold and turns out I had influenza haha but despite that ends a hard 4 day tryout without giving up 💪🏻 stay with many teachings and motivated to improve day by day my fallas, today a year later I see everything that and advanced from That and I reason for more

This tryout frame my life, not just my career, I met wonderful people I also met a part of me that disappointed me and another part of me that didn’t give up, since that day I saw myself in a goal and here I go in direction to her 🔥

Thanks to @ssdarkangel @tayconti_wwe @raulmendoza.wwe @eddieorengowwe @mattjbloom for your help and all your teachings!!! 🙏

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Stephanie Vaquer

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