Hernandez Suggests Cornette’s Departure is Why His TNA Push Ended

Dec 1, 2019 - by James Walsh

Super Luchas recently interviewed former TNA (Impact Wrestling) talent Hernandez. Hernandez discussed his time in TNA, Lucha Underground, and more. Below are some highlights (via Google Translate). 

Hernandez on how Jim Cornette was important to his singles push in TNA: “Jim Cornette was very important in my solo push in TNA. I was doing well, and the public supported me. In the midst of the push, Jim Cornette called me to inform me that he had quit due to creative differences with the head of creative. Soon Jim left, and with him my push went away. I think in part as a way to get rid of everything Cornette had done.” 

Hernandez on how he was treated in TNA after he suffered a neck injury: “TNA gave me the exposure I needed to showcase my talent internationally. It was a great workplace until it was decided that I would be a singles competitor. I broke my neck in 2009 at a TV taping, and the first thing they asked me was how I planned to pay for it. Even after I had an MRI scan with my own money to show them that I was injured. There were disputes because they did not want to reimburse me for expenses that occurred in their program and in their ring. It was awkward and ridiculous.” 

On how TNA sent him to Mexico to work with AAA: “It is true that they sent me to Mexico to work with AAA and become a strong figure in the Latin market. The idea was to return with the Mega Championship to TNA. Obviously, it did not happen due to the politicking between AAA and TNA. I don’t blame Dixie [Carter], but mainly the people she put in charge to coordinate the AAA and TNA agreement. It’s simple: Why would I have to leave TNA and the United States to live in Mexico for nine or ten months away from my family and my children if nothing important was promised to me in return?” 

His thoughts on AEW competing with WWE: “WWE will always be the number one worldwide, which is not to say that AEW or any other company cannot extremely well as a solid number two.” 

His thoughts on Lucha Underground ending: “Lucha Underground will always have a special place in the heart of all who wrestled there. They created new stars for the American audience and helped me reinvent myself as a solo competitor within the United States. It saddens me that it seems to have ended, but I am glad that it has impacted on the career of so many wrestlers.”

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