Matt Hardy Starts “Free the Delete” Campaign 

Nov 30, 2019 - by James Walsh

PWInsider has an update on the current WWE contract status for Matt Hardy. According to multiple sources, Hardy’s current WWE deal will expire in February 2020. This reportedly explains why Hardy has recently been releasing his “Free the Delete” videos on his YouTube channel. 

Currently, Hardy and the WWE are said to still be in talks for a new contract. However, how Hardy will be used in the future is reportedly going to be a major point in their ongoing negotiations. That said, WWE and Hardy are said not not be far apart on the financial part of a new deal. However, Hardy is aware this is likely the last major contract he will sign in his career, and he would like to be utilized in a certain way. 

The report’s sources also stated that while Hardy has been thankful for his most recent run in the WWE after returning at WrestleMania 33, WWE failed to capitalize on his Broken Matt Hardy character as much he believes they could have. The “Woken” variation for Matt Hardy didn’t receive a major push either and “didn’t click.” Additionally, WWE never followed up on the Hardy Halloween Special, despite very positive reviews. 

Per PWInsider, Hardy would be free to sign elsewhere in February 2020 if he does not come to terms on a new WWE deal. However, Jeff Hardy would likely still have time left on his WWE contract due to his recent leg injury and legal issues have kept him off TV. Additionally, Matt reportedly plans on using his social channels to build up a possible return to the independent scene and more with his Broken Matt gimmick. 

Hardy recently released Episode 4 of Free the Delete. You can check out the latest episode of Matt Hardy’s Free the Delete YouTube series in the player below. 

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