Jim Ross Sparks Controversy for “Oriental” Remark

Nov 29, 2019 - by James Walsh

In the age where fried chicken causes racial distress among white college students when mentioned involving 2 white wrestlers and when a kayfabe critique of an announcers work causes the announcer to lock himself in his closet for a week, Jim Ross has joined the conversation of “Not PC Enough” over a remark made during AEW Dynamite on Wednesday.

Emi Sakura is one of the multitude of Japanese women’s wrestlers that make up the soft AEW women’s division – The weak link of the upstart promotion in my humble opinion. Emi Sakura does a Freddie Mercury inspired ring entrance complete with a fake mustache like the legendary Queen frontman had. For several appearances, the fact she did this was just glossed over or not mentioned likely because no one even at the announce table gets what the point of the attire is. It was revealed that she is a big Queen fan at AEW Full Gear where she faced Riho in a mat classic everyone, or no one, is still talking about to this day. Well, hold on tight, folks.

During Emi Sakura’s entrance on AEW Dynamite from Chicago, Jim Ross said, “Freddie Mercury never looked so oriental… Asian!”

For those who don’t live in the PC bubble, and if any of those people have a room available so I can join them please email me, “Oriental” offends Asians because a rug or a vase can be “Oriental” but a person is Asian.

JR seemed to quicly speak to avoid attention to the remark but some online have caught it and are over-reacting.

Yes, apparently the largely white college male audience is once again determining to the rest of us what is offensive to all peoples and are flying off the handle over what they consider to be an unacceptable remark. Some fans are asking for an official apology from AEW while others are using this to get Jim Ross off commentary in the same way they got Jim Cornette off commentary in the NWA.

Thus far, no one has remarked on the matter from AEW that we have seen.

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