Rollins on Punk’s WWE Backstage Gig: ‘That’s Not the Guy That They Want’

Nov 27, 2019 - by James Walsh

Seth Rollins did an interview during Survivor Series weekend at KISS 103.5 in Chicago and discussed his recent Twitter barbs thrown at CM Punk. Rollins has been mentioning Punk since calling for a match with him after he officially announced as a part of the WWE Backstage team, and he reportedly infuriated Vince McMahon by addressing referencing Punk in last night’s Raw promo because it’s a match they can’t deliver on. It’s important to note that this interview took place on Friday, well before Raw. 

Highlights from the discussion, and the full video, are below: 

On the lack of ‘CM Punk’ chants that he got for the first couple weeks of calling Punk out: “Oh yeah, that chant. You know, I’ve been a little disheartened thus far. I know Chicago will be the exception. I figured that after the last two weeks of what I’ve been saying on Twitter and what he’s been saying back to me that, I’d get these chants that you’ve mentioned at the events and they just haven’t happened. In Boston, not a peep. I was very sad. I was very upset. I thought people were so excited for him to be back. I guess not. I guess they still want to say, ‘Burn it Down,’ I don’t know.” 

On the fans wanting Punk to come back: “Let him know, Chicago. Let him know you want to see him on Raw. Let him know you want to see him in a ring. Please, let him know you don’t want to see him behind a desk hiding in Los Angeles.” 

On provoking Punk: “Well, yes, of course. Look, man. He spent five years on hiatus. Good for him, hopefully he’s got his head right. But he comes back to sit behind a desk and talk? That’s not very CM Punk. That’s not the guy that they want. That’s not what they want.” 

On his match with Punk in December 2013: “Yeah, we’ve interacted. We had one singles match. This was six years ago, at least. Yeah, it’s — we’re in different places now. It’d be a lot different, the match would look a lot different. And so, we’ll see. He says ‘Never say never.’ I say ‘When?’” 

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