“I’ve had conversations with a lot of people who are affiliated with different promotions”

Nov 23, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Enzo Discusses If He’s Had Talks with AEW & How Tama Tonga Got His NJPW Deal Blocked & More

Enzo recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet about a variety of topics including if he’s had talks with AEW, his WWE firing, what happened when security escorted him out of Survivor Series last year

On getting fired by WWE:

“I’m so blessed to have gotten out of that situation the way I did and for people to read into it and understand and know I’m a good guy and these false accusations that were made about me were just that. It was a blessing to know that the world had my back and I found that out, probably it was the best day of my life. It was a day that I made a decision not to necessarily jump back into pro wrestling because I thought that the love that was shown to me, I had to come home.”

On how his WWE firing was handled and showing up at Survivor Series 2018:

“I was bitterly angry at the WWE to a point where I showed up to the Survivor Series pay-per-view and gave them the middle finger … Basically, my philosophy for showing up to Survivor Series was I’m booking myself back into the business and it ain’t here.”

What happened after security escorted him out of Survivor Series:

“I bought a $2500 ticket but you have to understand, I’m booking myself into pro wrestling again … So, I paid that off but for one, it was my philosophy of let your bridges that you burn light the way. I ain’t scared. I ain’t scared of you. I ain’t scared to be a part of your world, I ain’t scared to be away from your world to be the best version of myself and I’m gonna go out and get mine. But at the same time, I never said anything bad about that company. I still haven’t. If you look at any shoot interview or anything that I’ve ever done, I might tell you real stories but I don’t give away details that are talking badly about any one individual. I don’t talk badly about anyone on record. If Enzo Amore or Enzo did that on camera and you got worked up, okay that’s pro wrestling.”

His thoughts on Joey Janela:

“You’re never gonna hear me say his name either and I have my reasons.”

On Tama Tonga:

“There’s a guy, Tama Tonga who took food off my plate. So if I ever saw him out in public, same thing with Joey Janeva (Janella), I’m gonna walk up to him with my hands up. The difference I think is, I don’t think Tama is gonna walk away and I don’t give a damn. If you’re gonna book him on the same thing as me, you ain’t getting me because that’s his doing. If you’re gonna blackball me – Tama Tonga, the gatekeeper of New Japan, threw a hissy fit, got upset that he got worked just like everybody else that day. That’s what we love about pro wrestling. Now if you’re not in on it and you get upset about it, okay, and you have the nerve to throw shade at my name who did nothing to you besides take the spotlight from you? That’s all I did. If you have a problem with getting over, that ain’t my problem.”

Thoughts on possibly working for AEW:

“I’ve had conversations with a lot of people who are affiliated with different promotions and I’ve talked to a lot of people about doing some things and if I do something, it’s gonna be in a big way.”

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