Rhino Says a Union Would Ruin the Wrestling Business

Nov 22, 2019 - by James Walsh

In an interview with The Mirror, Rhino spoke about the concept of a union for wrestlers, which he believes would end up killing the industry. A union has been discussed for decades, with Jesse Ventura even trying to form one back in the 80s. Here are highlights: 

On why he signed with Impact Wrestling again: “The main reason was that I wanted to be on the road and I knew Impact had big things coming along. In the last couple of years, they have made some big gains. I am also able to do independent dates with this contract and that’s one thing I like to be able to do as I like looking at new talent and plus I can interact with the fans more. I loved everything about being with WWE, but they have such a large roster which means they have to circulate the talent and so you are not on the road as much. I might make less, but I get to be on the road more, which is what I like.” 

On the current wrestling scene: “I think it’s great, just the simple fact you have a lot of wrestling for fans is great. And what’s great is that it’s all different and nothing is the same. For example with NWA, it’s old but new at the same time and it’s a great product. AEW has all the momentum behind them with an owner who is willing to back them not just financially, but in a lot of ways. The scene is really great for talent and it’s opening up sponsorship deals which goes to the talent. With Impact you have a company which is owned and been backed fully for the last few years and to see it come back from where it was to making long term investments in networks like access and growing it is great. There are other things coming with stuff like video games, toys, breaking in to International markets, there is a real team effort at Impact.” 

On a union for wrestlers: “It wouldn’t work, it would kill the industry. When you look at unions for things like movies it works because movies are planned so far in advance and actors/actresses get the scripts and have to accept it or turn it down. But wrestling is so fast paced and changes that it just wouldn’t work. I come from Detroit which is a union town, so I get having unions in certain industries, but it wouldn’t work in wrestling. It would kill the independent scene and a lot of start-up promotions. Lots of states in America have commissions and stuff that creates more hoops for them to jump through and we all know that most companies don’t make a lot of money as it is, so to have these extra hurdles would kill a lot of companies. It would kill the charity shows that I run [Rhino promotes VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars] which cost me at least a grand as it is. A union would not be good for wrestlers, fans or promoters and it would kill the industry.”

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