Kelly Klein addresses her issues with ROH

Nov 22, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Below are Klein’s statements regarding the matter that were posted Friday mainly to clarify she was not forced to wrestle while concussed by ROH and didn’t work the date in South Africa:

To clarify some confusion:

I was not forced to fight concussed in Africa.

I was scheduled to wrestle in the UK the day after sustaining my concussion- @JOEYnRetrograde and other talent (not medical staff) told the Executive Producer I was not to wrestle that day.

The events in Africa were independent. It was brought up in reference to the fact that no one at ROH (no medical staff or protocol, remember) told me to take time off or to cancel, knowing I was scheduled to perform there.

As I was experiencing severe symptoms (thinking I was in Canada, not recognizing faces of colleagues, confusing time, difficulty finding words/forming thoughts, losing focus, confusion, NOT ADAPTING WELL TO CHANGE), I wasn’t in the mind frame to make that decision for myself.

I didn’t know “not adapting to change” was a symptom until I saw my Sports Med Physician/Concussion Specialist. Then I understood why I kept saying “no, I have to go to work,” as Joey was pointing out my symptoms and informing me of the dangers of wrestling again that week.

I was not in the proper state to assess MYSELF.

Example: if someone were to text me (not see or speak w/ me) to ask if I was ok, my response that I was fine (I thought I was… the concussed person often thinks this, especially 1 day after injury) may not be totally credible.

The person who realized the severity of my symptoms was


… did you know he had quit by this time? This was not his job anymore (or ever because he wasn’t medical staff. Because- no medical staff).

Joey is the person who convinced me it was not safe for me to go to Africa, and that I needed to go home and see a doctor. I was unable to fly that day (October 28) as my symptoms were so severe at the time. I was confused, crying, hyperventilating, and in pain.

Joey is the person who contacted management at ROH and made sure that I had a flight home the next morning, a hotel room that night, then changed his own flight so he could personally take me to the airport to make sure I got on MY flight. Even made sure I had food.

Joey handled cancelling my trip to Africa and notifying everyone there of my injury. Again, he had already quit so this was not his job (and never was because he wasn’t Talent Relarions… also… there is no Talent Relations…)

So, to clarify, and because I would never want to accuse anyone at ROH of something that is untrue, I was not forced to perform in Africa with a concussion.

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