Moxley Explains Why He Was Angry About Leaving WWE

Nov 15, 2019 - by James Walsh

Speaking at Starrcast IV, Jon Moxley discussed one of the reasons he was so bitter about his WWE exit: walking away from his big money deal. Moxley spoke during a panel about the end of his run at the company when he decided he was going to depart, and said that he really resented the fact that he was so dissatisfied with the direction of creative that he’d be walking away from his bigger payday. 

“The whole time from when I came back to about the beginning of the year, I knew I was leaving,” Moxley said (via Fightful.) “But I was pissed about it. I wasn’t excited to leave, I was bitter about it. I can’t believe that they’re going to make me leave. I can’t believe they’re going to make me walk away from all this money. Can [WWE] not write just one good storyline? Can they just give me one good promo? Does everything have to be f***ing stupid? Does everything have to make me look like an idiot? For f***’s sake, you’re going to make me walk away from all this f***ing money because it’s not like I wanted that money. Yeah, I want it, but I’m not doing that sh*t. So I was pissed. I can’t believe they were so incompetent that they’re going to make me walk away from all this money. Jesus Christ, now I have to go back to the indies, f*** it, let’s go,” Moxley said. 

Moxley officially exited WWE in April and made his debut for AEW in May at Double or Nothing.

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