Update on Francine: “in good hands”

Nov 14, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

As many of you know from our prior reports, Francine returned to wrestling earlier this year doing some shows in the Norhteast. She even reunited with “The Franchise” Shane Douglas on an event or two. But, she had made mention both on social media and in a few interviews (not with us) that she was having some health issues.

We still do not know what those health issues are or were. But, we do know she went in for abdominal surgery last week and on Monday, she was back in the hospital in a lot of pain.

Her husband posted to social media saying she was “resting” and “in good hands.” He also noted that he is taking over her online store for now.

Once again, we have no idea the extent of her inness or if it is an illness at all and not an injury that has lingered for years. Regardless, clearly, it is serious.

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