Shamrock on wrestling at 55: “I feel good, man”

Nov 13, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Ken Shamrock talks about how he feels doing pro wrestling at 55 years old:

“I feel good, man. I took a year off a year back or so and let my body heal up which I hadn’t done in 20 years. I came back into wrestling feeling really good. I did some stuff in Australia and now I’m here in Impact. I feel like a million bucks so I’m ready to roll. It’s commitment. It’s being able to manage your time, getting rest, eating properly and staying in the gym. The biggest thing I learned is letting my body rest and giving myself plenty of time to recover at my age. Not working out every single day but maybe every two or three days and then letting my body rest. That has been the biggest change in the success I’ve had in being able to manage the time that I have and the time to recover.”

source: Wrestling Inc.

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