Cody Rhodes says AEW can’t be a reactionary pro wrestling show

Nov 13, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

While speaking at Starrcast IV, Cody Rhodes said that AEW can’t be a reactionary pro wrestling show.
They have worked hard to generate their fan base and they don’t want to betray the initial vision of All Elite Wrestling that was instilled from the get-go.

“We can never become a reactionary wrestling show. I think that if we become reactionary we lose the whole identity of what people joined and what they signed up for dating all the way back to All In when they went All In on us and validated our [vision]. We said ‘Hey, this is real, it’s gonna happen’ and the next one, and the next one.”

“So, we can’t be reactionary. Obviously, if you hear, ‘Oh [WWE] is going to use this big star [on NXT]’ or things of that nature you don’t wanna be blind to it, but if we’re reactionary then we’re not doing the right thing then we start doing ratings ploys where we’re like ‘Oh, we need to put this guy on here because this is on here’ and that’s not… we just gotta be AEW.”

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