Arn Anderson Responds to Daniel Tosh’s “Tosh.0” “Arn Sucks” Podcast

Nov 13, 2019 - by James Walsh

During a recent episode of Tosh.0, comedian Daniel Tosh started the “Arn Sucks podcast,” which like you might guess, is all about taking shots at the enforcer. It comes after Arn teased going after Tosh during a recent episode of his own podcast.

In the clip, Tosh said that Anderson “finally took the bait” and reveals his podcast. During that, he adds that he’d be happy to buy Arn “two coach seats” to LA, then makes old age jokes. Later on, ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan joins him to once again discuss how much “Arn sucks.” Duggan says he had to get rid of his 2×4 because it had “Arn’s stink of failure clinging to it.”

Anderson later replied with his own promo. He said: “I did a little research on you, Daniel. Almost 30 million Twitter followers? God that’s a lot of people. Got your television show that’s really kicking ass. Comedy network. Top of the world. But you know, some of your fans must be double agents because over the last few years they’ve come up to me many times at events, signings, the gym and different places…”Hey Arn, do you know who Daniel Tosh is?” Of course I know who Daniel Tosh is. “Well what’s the beef he’s got with you?” And you know, before today I didn’t have an answer, Daniel. I guess the answer is you didn’t like me when you were a kid. Boy I hate that. Well, here’s reality, Daniel. We live in very different worlds. When you’re in that big house and got those big luxury vehicles and all those network executives telling you what a big deal you are, security walking you everywhere. I come from a very different world. I come from a shark tank. You got great whites, you got tigers, you got all kind of maneaters, bull sharks, you name it. They’re all trying to rip you apart. We have some rules when you live in my world, Daniel. One of them is you don’t pick a fight with a guy that’s already pissed off. Probably don’t overmatch yourself in a fight either. It’s not a good idea. Well we got one last thing to deal with, don’t we? We gotta figure out if your balls are as big as your mouth. See you soon, Daniel.”

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