Rusev: “We’re committed to our characters on TV”

Nov 12, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Rusev was recently interviewed by The Irish Sun. During the interview, he spoke about his current storyline with Lana and Bobby Lashley.

This has been a controversial storyline on Monday Night RAW. It has received a lot of negative reactions from fans but it is doing very well in terms of Youtube numbers.

Here is what Rusev said in regards to how he feels about the storyline:

“It’s a collaboration.

“There’s adjustments that we make, but that’s just life.

“We’re committed to our characters on TV, so we just have to make slight adjustments, but we’re professionals and we’re coping with it.

“It’s great, I think we are in the best storyline currently going on and the best storyline that’s been around for years.

“It’s getting a lot of views and a lot of eyes on it. Some people like it, some people love it, but at the end of the day, it’s the hottest storyline going on.”

Rusev also said that he is doing the best that he can with what is given to him:

“My goal is to be healthy, that’s my first-and-foremost. It doesn’t matter about storylines or things like that. One day you ride a tank but the next day, you do nothing but main event dark matches so it’s a big wave, you just gotta ride the wave and do the best with anything that is given to you. You gotta enjoy everything you do, and you gotta control what you can control because some things you can’t, and there’s no point being mad so whatever I can control, I do, and if not, I’m just having a blast with it.”

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