Sin Cara requests his release from WWE

Nov 11, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE Superstar Sin Cara, who is currently portrayed by Jorge Arias, tweeted today that he requested his release from WWE after thinking about his family and doing what he thinks is right for him.

Arias, who prior to donning the Sin Cara mask wrestled as Hunico, has been wrestling for WWE since 2009 and took over the masked gimmick in 2011 after the original Sin Cara, portrayed by Luis Urive, left the WWE.

He wrote that he’s grateful for WWE for the opportunity that they gave him however he’s stuck in a place where he’s not valued. He lamented that the opportunity to showcase what he really can do never came and unless he moves, he will remain in his current position. Sin Cara added that he thinks that the best years of his wrestling career are yet to come and this is just the beginning of his new chapter.

The man behind the mask then thanked the WWE fans for their support all around the world.

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