Cody Receives 8 Stitches and Suffers Costochondral Rib Injury – Not Cleared to Wrestle

Nov 10, 2019 - by James Walsh

Last night’s Full Gear event via Twitter. Rhodes came up short last night in his title match against Chris Jericho, Le Champion.

Per the AEW update, Cody Rhodes required eight stitches after the nasty cut he suffered during a bump on the ramp during his world title match against Chris Jericho. The injury required eight stitches and a costochondral separation. Additionally, Cody “is not cleared for in ring action at this time.” You can check out the medical update below.

A costochondral is a rib separation from the sternum and could cause difficulty in taking deep breaths. Keep in midn that it is believed this was suffered from the dive to the ramp and means the match continued on for an additional 20 minutes afterwards. Pretty incredible.

As a result of his own stipulation, Cody Rhodes is not allowed to ever challenge for the AEW World title ever again after losing the match to Jericho.

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