News and Notes from Cody’s Full Gear Conference Call

Nov 8, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Cody conducted a conference call prior to Saturday’s Full Gear PPV event. Click here for the audio. Here are the highlights:

– Cody called AEW’s Dark program a “monster hit”

– Cody feels fresh and prepared for tomorrow night’s match with Chris Jericho. He noted he has wrestled less frequently in the last six weeks.

– “Its my life” stated Cody in reference to his epic Dynamite promo. Cody says he is true to his word, if he doesn’t win the title from Jericho, he won’t challenge again for the AEW title.

– Cody says the Jericho feud is his biggest rivalry in his wrestling career.

– “There is a lot riding on this” says Cody of his scheduled match with Jericho. “Biggest match of my career,” Cody stated.

– “He’s done wonderful things” stated Cody on WWE’s Kevin Dunn. He put over AEW’s Keith Mitchell’s production work.

– He said AEW is family, and wants everyone in the company to know each other.

– Cody said he never considered his run as WWE IC champion as “mid card.”

– Cody said the chances are good to add a secondary championship.

– He wants the women’s championship to be as important as the world title, and the tag team championship.

– He said talent rankings will be released every Friday.

– Cody says he debriefs every Dynamite.

– Cody wants the TV audience to hear the great AEW crowd, and not be drowned out by the music.

– Cody plans to have more women featured on Dynamite. Not just in wrestling matches, but more interviews and vignettes.

– He put over the international women talent on the AEW roster. “I think we have all fallen in love with her,” stated Cody of Riho.
Cody also believes Kenny Omega should be praised for what he’s doing with the women’s division.

– Cody says he has learned the value of a coach, such as Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko. He did say Arn Anderson is not under contract to AEW.

– “Maintaining the buzz” is the biggest hurdle identified by Cody.

– To grow the AEW audience, Cody says he wants to give the fans something to talk about during the week.

– Cody noted that they aren’t just watching the TV ratings, but the company is also paying attention to the company’s social media numbers.

– Cody touts AEW beating the biggest company in the ratings six weeks in row.

– Cody says they have the best talent, roster, and attitude in the industry.

– The judges for his match tomorrow night will include “familiar faces.”

– Cody is open to the idea of using judges in future AEW matches.

– Cody said his father Dusty Rhodes wasn’t looking forward to his ECW stint, but ended up loving the experience.

– He said his father would love “Dynamite.”

– Cody said Jim Ross has given him feedback on AEW Dark.

– Cody doesn’t want the secondary AEW content to be mandatory. Dynamite is the “hub,” and Cody states you won’t miss anything if you watch Dynamite weekly.

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