Jericho has fun with crowd chanting “stupid dick” at him during commercial break

Nov 7, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

During a commercial break before the start of the main event of Dynamite last night, fans chanted “stupid dick” at Chris Jericho following the promo cut by Cody earlier in the broadcast.

Jericho pretended not to hear what they’re saying which only made the fans chanted it louder before he responded with “What?” to laughs from the fans. Eventually, fans changed their chant to the unmistakable “asshole” chant before going back to “stupid dick.”

The AEW champion said that he can’t understand them because of their thick southern accent which got him more heat and more chants and then he was asking the crowd what they’re chanting. “John Wick? Katie Vick?” Jericho responded as fans laughed some more. “It wasn’t my idea,” he continued, referring to the bad WWE angle involving Kane, Triple H, and the dead Katie Vick.

Before the broadcast returned from commercials, he told the crowd that maybe he’s not the asshole, but they are the assholes instead.

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