Young Bucks Say They’ve Learned Timing from Chris Jericho

Nov 6, 2019 - by James Walsh

The Young Bucks appeared on Busted Open Radio and discussed what they’ve learned over the first few weeks of AEW Dynamite from people like Chris Jericho and Dean Malenko.

Nick on who they’ve learned the most from in terms of timing matches: “It’s a team effort, yeah. But I would say that Chris Jericho definitely has given the most pointers to us, like individually, Matt, I would say. Because he’s been doing it for so long, and he’s been giving us tips on how to make things work perfectly. And he’s just — man, he just knows what he’s talking about. He’s so smart and I feel like he’s taught us the most with [the] timing thing. Do you know what I mean?”

Matt on other people backstage in AEW being good people to learn from: “And you’re not wrong. So many of these guys are a wealth of knowledge. ANd I think that the way to stay on top in wrestling is you never stop learning. So, to have a guy like Dean Malenko there, too; it’s so great to have these minds to just pick. And not even that, sometimes I’ll just — we’ll sit at the ‘Go’ position. And I’ll watch a guy like Dean, and he’s one of our great coaches, and I’ll watch the way he produces the segments, and I’ll listen to him. So it gives me a better understanding of you know, where I should go with the next segment, or what works best here. And like you just mentioned with the timing, like, he knows where to time things.”

Matt on learning from Jericho: “And like Nick said, Chris Jericho’s the master of these things. And he told Nick the other day, like, ‘If you’ve got a thirteen minute match, you know, plan a kick-ass thirteen minute match. Don’t worry too much about the break spot tonight.’ Like, let’s try to give them something different; let’s not do a house show dive and then, ‘Oh, everyone knows we’re going to break.’ Like, let’s try to use a different formula. Let’s try to give the live house some action. We’re just trying to do different — we’re trying to plug in different things, and we don’t want to fall into doing the same thing every week, and fall into these patterns where then it becomes a formula, right? Then you’re watching, you go, ‘Oh, I know what’s next.’ So, we’re trying to be unpredictable still and trying to find our sweet spot.”

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