Callihan: “I’m signed with Impact Wrestling until…”

Nov 6, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Sami Callihan successfully defeated Brian Cage during Impact Wrestling’s recent premiere on AXS TV. This win saw him become the new Impact Wrestling World Champion. In an interview with the WINCLY podcast, he talked about his victory. He also divulged when his contract with the company is set to expire.

“I’m signed with Impact Wrestling until next December [2020] but that’s not on my mind right now,” Callihan said. “My mind is being one of the full forces behind saving Impact Wrestling and I think they’ve done that.”

Callihan continued, explaining “I think everyone’s coined this term that Impact Wrestling is hard to kill. We’re not gonna insult anyone’s intelligence by looking back at the past and saying the past was good. No, there was a lot in the past and this company was in sh*t shape. I think over the past few years between management and the roster that has a chip on their shoulder, we went out there and kicked the door down and showed Impact is a true alternative in pro wrestling.”

He noted how he wanted to be a name forever associated with Impact Wrestling, helping it to become one for the “most successful companies on the planet.” Callihan added how he will wave the Impact flag harder than anyone else and has proven that Impact Wrestling is “the place to be.”

Next Challenger

Now that he’s the champion, Callihan finds himself with a target on his back from the rest of the Impact roster. For him, however, one of the first people who should get a chance at the belt is the former champion, Brian Cage.

“I think Brian Cage has to get the automatic because he’s a champion. Even though he only defended the championship twice and he broke down more than a McDonald’s ice cream machine, I’d love to beat Brian Cage’s ass again,” said Callihan. “If you look back at history, I’m the only man that’s pinned Brian Cage twice in the middle of the ring clean.”

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