11/5/19 NWA Powerrr Episode

Nov 6, 2019 - by staff

by Chris Soriano

NWA Powerrr Episode 5 opens up with a video package from last week with the main focus being Eli Drake and what went down in the previous weeks main event. To start the show, Joe Galli and Jim Cornette preview the card from the announce desk as the crowd at the GPB studios in Atlanta is rocking. They then throw it over to the interview location where Dave Marquez speaks to Colt Cabana regarding his NWA National Championship match vs. James Storm in the main event. Aron Stevens comes out next to talk to Marquez as he once again cuts an amazing promo following his loss to Ricky Stevens the previous week. Watching Stevens cut a promo really makes you wonder how WWE and IMPACT missed out on using him properly on a consistent basis. He very easily works the crowd into such a frenzy and gets the best heel reaction out of anyone on the roster. The first match on the broadcast is a tag team match featuring The Dawsons vs. the team of Mims and Kingsley. Mims and Kingsley get some early offense in and show off their athleticism, but the Dawsons go over in a match that featured Dave Dawson execute a DROP KICK! The Dawsons go to the promo area after the match and make their case for a title shot at the NWA tag titles. That brings out Eddie Kingston and Homicide who claim they deserve a title shot. Kingston and Homicide challenge the Dawsons to a match with the winner getting a title shot. The Dawsons say they’ll think about it and walk away. Up next Tim Storm talks to Joe Galli in an interview done before the show. Galli asks Storm if he is thinking about retirement. Storm says he doesn’t know and their is a lot of decisions on his mind to make. Nick Aldis walks in to pull Storm away from Galli and softy tells him to not walk away. Up next, the much anticipated debut of Thunder Rosa takes place as she squares off against Ashley Vox. Thunder Rosa just looks legitimate. She has the look and the athleticism. Vox, to me anyway, continues to look stiff in the ring and just looks uncomfortable. Most of the offense in the match belongs to Thunder Rosa as she defeats Vox. After the match, Rosa attacks Vox again before Marti Belle comes out for the save and Rosa departs. Afterwards Belle cuts a promo on the Women’s champion, Allysin Kay. She comes out and as she try’s to respond to Belle, Thunder Rosa attacks Kay from behind. As Rosa drags the champ in the ring, Marti Belle joins in on the attack, aligning herself with Rosa and setting up a feud with Kay. Next we have a rematch from the previous week as Aron Stevens squares off with the young stud Ricky Starks. This time, it’s a two out of three falls match. It is clear that Starks has such a charisma to him and has the athleticism. He’s young and with the more experience he could be a star. The match starts and Starks rolls up Stevens for the pin for fall number 1 as the crowd goes wild. The second fall goes longer as Starks takes advantage of a Stevens mistake to roll him up again for a clean two fall sweep. Lastly, it’s main event time as the NWA National Championship is on the line. Colt Cabana comes out accompanied by Mr. Anderson while the champ, James Storm, comes out accompanied by Eli Drake. Quality match here as it’s back and forth action the whole time. Towards the end of the match, Eli Drake attempts to distract the ref and Mr. Anderson takes him down. Kamille then comes out of nowhere and takes Drake out. As Storm is distracted, Cabana takes him down from behind to capture the gold. Right after, The Dawsons come out and say they aren’t waiting for another broadcast and they accept Kingston and homicides challenge. They get a referee and an impromptu matchup takes place with a NWA tag title shot on the line. As Homicide looks to put away Dave Dawson with a move from the top, the tag team champs, the wild cards, come out and take Homicides legs and prevent him from flying off the top rope. That’s when the legendary tag team of the rock and roll express came out and beat up the wild cards. The studio crowd is going crazy and the legends get a huge pop. Homicide hits Dave Dawson with the finisher for the victory as the team of Kingston and Homicide become the number 1 contenders. The rock and roll express embrace them and raise their hands in victory as the show ends. The show is the 5th studio recorded YouTube show for the NWA and it is getting better each week. They have gone back and time but aren’t coming across as old or stale. They are reinventing studio wrestling and giving new life again to the NWA name.

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