ODB Talks Impact Wrestling Appreciation, Donating to Her, Food Truck Fire, more

Nov 5, 2019 - by James Walsh

Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: ODB
Date: 11/04/19
Your Host: James Walsh


ODB is one of the most unique and well respected people in the wrestling world. Her real persona just jumps off the screen and connects with the audience in a way most wrestlers could only dream of. And, Impact Wrestling – The place where ODB cemented her place in wrestling history, is paying back her hard work through the years with an amazing act of kindness. If you haven’t heard, you should hear this! Impact Wrestling is donating the entire New York City proceeds, 100%, to ODB to get her a new food truck. That’s right, Impact is looking after one of their own. How cool is that?

Impact Wrestling tapes TV from New York, New York on November 7th and 8th with the proceeds going to ODB. For tickets and more information on how to help ODB back in a food truck near you, visit www.ImpactWrestling.com.

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On Impact doing the ODB Appreciation & Donating 100% of the NYC TV Tapings:
“Well, I still talk to a lot of guys in the wrestling business. Tommy Dreamer reached out to me and then Scott D’Amore reached out to me and then Josh Mathews… I was like, “What the Hell? Holy Crap! I was NOT expecting this!” But, TNA has always been my home and it feels pretty damn good to know they still love me. We’ve always had a pretty good relationship. I’m excited to go back and see what happens. You never know what could happen when I go back to TNA!”

On if she’ll wrestle at the Impact tapings in NYC:
“Well, I always bring my gear with me! (laughs) I mean, I could fight in my jeans if I had to. But, if any Knockout wants to challenge my ass, I’m ready!”

On what caused the fire:
“I parked the food truck at my buddy’s bar in the parking lot. I was smoking that night just like any other night. I got this phone call after midnight, “Your food truck is on fire.” I was like, “What the f….”. I actually passed the fire trucks on the way there. I beat them to it. I kind of wanted to throw up when I saw it. I was like, “Oh my God! My whole business is gone.” Then, seeing it the next day in the daylight, I broke down. I mean, this was my life for the past 3 years! I busted my ass building this business. And then, my insurance company, that’s a whole other story. It is still with them. The thing that pissed me off is no one ever came back to see what had actually happened. I looked at my buddy’s security cameras and we saw the thing just blow up. But, the fire fighters never ever came back. We had no propane, no grease on the food truck. So, I’m guessing it was electrical. But, they never came back and they never asked questions. So, I’m a little ticked about that.”

On the audience at AEW All Out chanting her name this past August:
“That was pretty damn cool! I was there with my food truck and everyone was asking me, “Will you be in the girls battle royal” and I was like, “Nah, I’m just here with my food truck.” Then, when i came out, they were like, “Holy Crap!” It felt pretty damn good hearing 15,000 people chanting ODB! I got used to it! I was like, “I want to do this again! I want to keep doing this again!” I think that opened the door for other stuff. I had a great time. It felt really good!”

On if she ever did open that bar next to Jimmy Hart’s in Florida:
“You know, I always wanted to open a bar but then I got the food truck and it changed. I always wanted to be on wheels! I don’t like commitment. That’s the story of my life. (laughs) But, I don’t like commitment and I want to be on wheels. I want to get a tour bus and just travel with the food truck everywhere!”

On all the original Knockouts feeling the women’s revolution started in Impact:
“Oh hell yeah! The whole women’s revolution started in 2007 with the Knockouts and we crowned Gail Kim as our champion. All of us had paid our dues for a lot of years. Impact gave us a huge opportunity and they let us develop our characters. Now, I see it happening over again. Every era in women’s wrestling should be proud for making it what it is today. We definitely made history for sure.”

On the current crop of Impact Knockouts:
“I think they’re awesome. It is sort of a lot like it was in 2007 where all the characters are different and recognizable. I’m excited to go there! It is going to be a very different locker room for me, you know? I’m hoping these girls can hang with me and drink with me after the show! (laughs) I might have to train some of these Knockouts!”

On what she plans on putting in the flask this week in NYC:
“Well, back in the Impact days it was Yager. It will probably be some Fireball this week. You can always tell by my face what is in it. But, it will definitely be Fireball for sure.”

On Tessa Blanchard and Impact taking inter-gender wrestling to the next level:
“I like it! I kind of got to do some different stuff with EY (Eric Young) and do some inter-gender stuff. As long as it makes sense and is believable, and it is believable with Tessa! It is like, “Holy Crap! She’s going for the World Title!” It makes the Knockouts division bigger when one of the top girls is doing that. But, as long as it is believable, that is all I care about.”

On running into an old on camera flame in Cody Deaner:
“(laughs) Hope he doesn’t hate me! That would be awesome – To team with him and kick some ass!”

On if she’d consider an Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame nod:
“Oh my God! That would be crazy! (laughs) You’re giving me goosebumps. That would be pretty bad ass!”

On doing a show with Mick Foley in appreciation of ODB as well:
“So, after my TNA appreciation, Mick Foley reached out to me and we’re doing an ODB Appreciation on Sunday, November 10th in San Jose, California. I’m going to join him (Mick Foley) at hsi comedy show!”

On the state of wrestling heading into 2020:
“Damn! I wish I was a young wrestler or wrestling fan right now. All this great wrestling companies out there staying strong. But, it might cut into your relationship if you’re watching wrestling every night! (laughs)”

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