More yesterday’s WWE talent meeting

Nov 5, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Seth Rollins reached out to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful about the meeting before RAW yesterday:

Another WWE talent had reached out to Fightful in the morning and said “Seth did not make a peep during that meeting, didn’t say a word. People are going after him for no reason.” This contradicts Dave Meltzer’s report that Rollins spoke up as the locker room leader and that his speech didn’t go over well.

Here’s what Rollins himself had to say to Sapp:

“Vince (McMahon) and Triple H held an all talent meeting to explain the travel situation returning from Crown Jewel. They commended the talent for their conduct in a tough spot and fielded questions and allowed anyone to voice their feelings on the matter. Some talent spoke up and overall it was a productive forum. I said zero words. I made no speech. Pretty simple,” Said Rollins

Several members of the roster had reached out to Fightful to air their greivances over that period, with some skeptical of the reasons they were being given in regards to the travel delays, and others just simply waiting it out until the travel arrangements were eventually settled.

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