Billy Graham: Adam Cole Needs to do Steroids

Nov 4, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Billy Graham posted the following on Facebook:

NXT Champion Adam Cole Needs to do Steroids

Yes fans, once more the Superstar speaks the truth and is not afraid to tell the truth. I did indeed watch the last Friday Night Smackdown and was very impressed with the technical skill of the NXT champ against Daniel Bryan in the main event. However, once again we see a champion of a WWE brand who is smaller than most women on both Raw and Smackdown !!!! HHH my dear brother, I am speaking to you now…what is it with such small champions in the WWE save Brock Lesnar? That is why Lesnar beat Kofi in under 10 seconds to win the WWE Titile Belt back…because it would have been a farce to carry Kofi any longer, the very nice young man that he is. Damn, Adam Cole is soooooooooo small. I am not telling him to abuse roids, just use them correctly to enhance your physique, HHH will show you exactly how to do it, but just DO IT for the sake of your championship title… should look like a champion !!!!!!

Thank you fans for all of your gofundme donations. Some people can be very kind. When I went in to the Mayo at the end of last September with the heart attack and congestive heart failure, my bill was 13,800 dollars for a 36 hour visit !!! Yes my Medicare did help but I still have a huge balance. Now next Tuesday the 5th I go back into the Mayo for a upper endoscopy. They will put me under and explore with a scope the condition of my liver. My wife Valerie will be using her cell phone to videotape the doctor explaining to me the procedure….my 25th upper endoscopy if I am keeping the correct score. I will then have my Facebook Administrator post this video next Tuesday night so you fans can see the very latest inside the Mayo and the work being done to keep me alive and breathing to live another day. Please keep the gofundme donations coming they are of a great help with my ongoing struggle to stay alive.

Below is a great shot of me and my sweet dog Maggie talking things over on my back porch. She is my best and most loyal
friend. Please click on the link below and donate to my gofundme now and God bless you souls that have given !!!


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