Ring of Honor star says the company still doesn’t have a concussion protocol

Nov 2, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Joey Mercury has gone public with the many issues he has dealt with in Ring of Honor, clearing up rumors of his departure by stating sternly that he quit the promotion. Earlier reports had suggested that Mercury has been removed from his ROH duties, with implications that he may have “fallen off the wagon” in his battle with drugs. Three time Women of Honor champion Kelly Klein says Mercury had her back when she suffered a concussion, “he was the person there to help me and take care of me when I had a concussion and didn’t know where I was,” Klein tells GERWECK.NET. In fact, Klein doesn’t believe Ring of Honor has a concussion protocol. “ROH still has no concussion protocol. Interestingly, I asked the GM (Greg Gilleland) if we had one not too long ago. He didn’t answer me.”

GERWECK.NET contacted the Ring of Honor general manager and asked if the company does have a concussion protocol. He stated, “Yes we do have a concussion protocol. Ring of Honor takes all injuries very seriously and the health and welfare of our wrestlers and staff are always our primary concern.”

On Friday, Klein posted on her social regarding Ring of Honor, ““I want us to be allowed to make it better.”

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