ANTHEM’s Purchase of AXS TV Was a 9 Figure Deal

Nov 2, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm recently was a guest on the Sitting Ringside Podcast (via Fightful). Highlights are below.

On the decision to purchase AXS TV: “The idea that we made a nine-figure purchase to buy a network for a television program, it would have been a lot cheaper just to buy time on some network if that’s what we were doing. We didn’t buy the network for wrestling, we bought a network because we like the network and it happened to be a good network for wrestling.”

On Impact’s parent company owning a network that also features NJPW and WOW: “We are in the middle of another season for WOW and we have the option on New Japan for next year, which I assume we’ll exercise because there’s no reason not to. Our view, since we got involved in the wrestling business, is we should all be working together to rise the tide for wrestling promotions smaller than the market leaders. We’ll continue to work with New Japan, WOW, or anybody else.”

On possibly partnering with NJPW: “That’s a wrestling decision where I would hope they would see the value for them and their presence in the United States. They have their existing relationships they need to work around and through, but hopefully we can find ways to work together, and not interfere in the relationships they have.”

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