Vince McMahon flies out of Saudi Arabia leaving over 150 crew behind

Nov 1, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

Perhaps the biggest story out of this whole Saudi Arabia travel problem is that WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon got out of the country leaving all the Superstars, crew, and employees stuck behind.

McMahon left when the problem was already there and left hours before the rest of the nearly 200 crew onboard the 747 had to disembark and head back to a hotel when it became clear that they would not be leaving the country. The talent spent nearly six hours sitting in the plane as they awaited permission for take-off.

It’s not clear on which aircraft McMahon left but the WWE business jet, with tail number N247WE, cannot be tracked online. Brock Lesnar had his own private jet take him to Saudi and back and Hogan also left. Lesnar took Hogan and Flair with him from Iceland after their jet became unusable following a hard landing.

Vince is also rumored to have been part of the original problem, which if true, makes his departure before the rest of the talent look even more messed up.

The official Twitter account of the Saudi General Sports Authority also had no mention whatsoever of Crown Jewel yesterday, an interesting change since for past events it posted photos during the shows and videos from the Superstars’ arrival to the country up until their departure.

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