AEW Files Trademark For Inner Circle

Oct 30, 2019 - by James Walsh

AEW is following suit behind Chris Jericho and filing their own trademark for Inner Circle. PWInsider reports that the company filed days after Jericho filed his own application to trademark the name. AEW is specifically seeking to trademark the logo, which they describe as: 

“The mark consists of the term INNER CIRCLE in the outer ring of a big circle, with the term INNER on top and the term CIRCLE at the bottom. Within the larger circle is a depiction of the Eye of Providence, within which are different-size circles and intertwined geometric shapes, with the logo of ALL ELITE AEW WRESTLING in smaller size situated at the right bottom of the big circle.” 

The mark is filed for a variety of merchandise including video games, posters, apparel, beverage ware, toys, and the like, as well as online stores, PPV events and the rest of the usual purposes.

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