Titus O’Neil Reacts to the Jordan Myles T Shirt Conspiracy

Oct 29, 2019 - by James Walsh

Titus O’Neil has weighed in on Myles Jordan’s T-shirt controversy and is calling out both sides of the situation for being “distasteful.” As reported last night, WWE issued a statement about Jordan’s public complaints regarding the T-shirt design, saying that they pulled the shirt at Jordan’s request and that Jordan had approved it. Jordan has since placed the blame on Creative Services Talent Coordinator Baker Landon and said WWE doesn’t care about black people. 

O’Neil said in his tweet, which you can see below, that he agrees the T-shirt is distasteful but that Jordan is also being such by “bringing others into this to vent your frustrations” or issues that don’t involve WWE or the shirt. Jordan posted a tweet (later deleted) that took shots at ROH for only having one African American as a top guy, namely Jay Lethal who he called an “Uncle Tom.” 

Titus O’Neil 
@GoGoMyles I AM 100% in agreement that the shirt is very Distasteful. 
That being said, bringing others into this to vent your frustrations or Issues THAT HAVE NOTHING to do with @WWE or the shirt is also very Distasteful. If it’s #ForTheCulture Don’t attack those in it!! 👊🏿✊🏿

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