Did Rob Van Dam Almost Leave ECW for WCW in 1996?

Oct 29, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Eric Bischoff discussed Rob Van Dam showing up to a WCW taping in 1996 and if there were any discussions between them. Van Dam was under contract to ECW at the time and showed up to a WCW Nitro taping. Recalling the situation, Bischoff said that RVD’s showing up wasn’t something that was on his radar more than any other non-contracted talent showing up at a show.

Highlights of Bischoff’s recollections are below, along with the full podcast:.

On Rob Van Dam appearing at a WCW show: “No, it was business as usual. You know, I had known Rob. Rob and I had had a couple different conversations about possibly doing business together subsequently to 1997. We had at least two or three conversations that I recall, one relatively serious one. So you know, Rob was always kind of interested in what was going on in other organizations, and looking to improve his situation.”

On if there were any serious talks at the time: “But there was nothing imminent, there were no serious conversations, there was nothing implied by either one of us that would suggest, ‘Hey, if you make a move, we’ll have a great place for you here.’ He was under contract, we had a great roster. We weren’t really looking to add people just for the sake of adding people or taking anyone away from anybody else despite the urban narrative to the contrary. That wasn’t the case.”

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