Tony Khan Promising Another Announcement For AEW Fans

Oct 28, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

It seems not all AEW fans may have been pleased with the way social media handled today’s announcement that AEW was returning to Jacksonville on January 1 for a homecoming episode of Dynamite. AEW President Tony Khan noted this on Twitter, scolding the person in charge of the Twitter account and promising an announcement that would be good for all AEW fans, not just the ones in the Florida area.

He wrote: “Jeff, let’s do our best not to toy with people’s emotions like this. We got people who aren’t near the Florida market all excited, now we have to come up with another huge announcement, one that affects all of our fans everywhere, to make it up to them. So that’s what we’ll do. We launched AEW in Jacksonville, our office is here, we did Fight For The Fallen here to give back, this is our home. If you’ve never been, Jacksonville is a beautiful town, @dailysplace a great wrestling venue. Tickets on sale Friday, have fun this New Years and celebrate with us.”

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· 3h
5mins till our announcement! Get your guesses in!
HINT: It’s not action figures & We aren’t moving to Monday nights.

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