Punk on Why His Transition to Acting From Wrestling Is Easy for Him

Oct 27, 2019 - by James Walsh

Bloody Disgusting recently interviewed former WWE Superstar CM Punk on his new film, Girl on the Third Floor. Below are some highlights. Girl on the Third Floor is now in theaters and VOD. 

Punk on his character in the film: “Don is a 30-something guy with a bit of a past. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but Don has some baggage and he is moving to the suburbs to renovate a house to start over with him and his wife, who is expecting their first child.” 

CM Punk on the film’s violence: “As far as violence goes…It’s not the most violent movie. It’s more of a tense, slow burner, but it’s [still] bloody and it’s gory and it’s violent at times. It’s not an Evil Dead 2 gorefest, but when it comes time, they amp it up to an 11 for sure. I don’t know how much I played around with the special effects, but I got to be played with. There was one night shoot in particular where it was easily a 16 hour day and we started late, so I was in a chair being attended to and had prosthetics applied for maybe 6-8 hours. Dan Martin is brilliant with his work and he got this job based on his work in Lords of Chaos. I can’t speak enough to how amazing his work was.” 

CM Punk on his transition from wrestling to acting: “I think that’s an extremely easy transition. It’s all in front of the camera so, in a lot of ways, it’s the same thing. In wrestling, you play a character. It’s almost more akin to soap operas where these people play the same characters for 20 – 25 years. In wrestling, you go through character changes, but you’re still the same guy. CM Punk was always a character who had beliefs and a value system and I had to kind of navigate that throughout my career. I think it’s the same way with acting. You just get a role and put a different skin on every time and that becomes the character. You have to get the core of what the character’s belief system is and values and you play it from there.” 

CM Punk on being a horror fan: “I’m a huge horror guy! I would walk into the video store when I was a kid and I would be immediately drawn to the horror section. This is dating me obviously, but I would go to the horror section and look at the big boxes. The covers of these things had me fascinated.”

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