Hulk Hogan Explains Incident with Unruly Fan at the Bar

Oct 27, 2019 - by James Walsh

As previously reported, a video surfaced online yesterday where WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan was having a verbal altercation with an unknown man at a lounge. Hogan was allegedly accosted by a man in question, and Hogan then told the person to calm down because he “didn’t know who he was dealing with.” Hogan shared a video today on his Facebook page explaining the altercation and what happened, which you can see below. 

In the video that surfaced, Hulk Hogan stated, “You know what, brother? I got a right to have a few moments by myself. Let me tell you something, brother the last time I had a Shirley Temple was when me and your wife got together.” He addressed the comment in his Facebook video he posted earlier. According to Hogan, the line about the Shirley Temple was one that Flair actually said earlier, and it was the only thing he could think of to say in that moment. 

Hulk Hogan on how the incident happened: “I saw the video, and you guys just don’t understand what happened. Here’s the exact truth of what happened. So Flair, of course, said, ‘Hey, man. After the matches tonight, come down to the bar for one drink.’ And I said, ‘OK brother, I’ll come down for one drink.’ So, I told Jimmy Hart, ‘Oh my god. Baby, baby, baby, we should go to the room! Oh my god! Baby! You know, Jimmy doesn’t want to be in trouble. So anyway, Flair goes, ‘It’s really calm in the bar, and nobody’ll mess with us. So I said, ‘OK.’ So, we hit the front of the hotel. The bar and the lobby was right there. And it was the TV hotel, so it was packed with fans. I go in there and respectfully say hello to Flair, and he goes, ‘Oh, sit down. It’s real calm.’ All of the sudden, everybody’s iPhones getting ready to want pictures, you know, the normal stuff, the good stuff. And Flair goes, ‘No, will you just relax for a minute.’ And he just wanted to have one drink before the chaos started. So, we went to a little booth, and we were sitting back there, and the people kept coming up. And Flair, of course, is a heel in the ring, and he was acting like a heel and running everybody off so he could have at least one drink.” 

On how the altercation started: “And this one guy came over, and he was drunk on his ass. He was really drunk on his ass. He had about four guys with him. They all looked about 40-45. They were all about six feet tall. You know, just a bunch of rangy looking spoons, you know? So Flair runs him off. Next thing you know, he sends over two Shirley temples for me and Flair, saying we’re a couple pussies. Anyway, Flair gets all lit up. And he dropped the line at the booth, ‘The last time I had a Shirley Temple, I was you know whatting your wife.’ So I said, ‘Oh my god. Please Flair, stop. But he said it at the table with me, and it was just funny. So, long story short, Flair takes off. And heads up, I’m regrouping, getting my crutch and all my crap with me, my bags, because we didn’t go to the room. We went straight to the lobby bar. And on the way out, what doesn’t show in the video, what the video doesn’t show, the guy who was drunk on his ass was going, ‘Hey, Hogan! You’re an f’n D-I-C-K! You’re an f’n D!’ You know, he yelled at me. And usually, I keep going, but I stopped dead in my tracks, and I turned around to look at him. And the only thing that I could think to say was the line that Flair dropped because he sent us two Shirley Temples, and we wouldn’t drink ’em. And the only think I could think was to drop the line that Flair dropped.” 

Hulk Hogan on how Brian Kendrick and other wrestlers were in the bar: “And I looked right at him, and I said, ‘Hey brother. The last time I had a Shirley Temple was when I was hanging with your wife.’ And man, that lit him up. And his buddies acted like they were holding him back.’ I said, ‘Well brother, I dare you, I dare you to come outside and say this to my face.’ But what those guys didn’t know is Brian Kendricks and a lot of the WWE guys, a lot of the NXT guys — there’s this crazy bond, there’s this loyalty thing — so, if you get into fight with a wrestler at a bar, you better make sure there are no other wrestlers around. So, I didn’t realize it, but as I’m arguing with the guy, I notice Brian Kendrick circling the wagons, I see all the other guys. It was just ‘in position’ and I said, ‘Oh my God, this could get crazy.’ And then I went up to the room.” 

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