Latest Injury Update on La Parka, Condition After Surgery

Oct 26, 2019 - by James Walsh

Today’s edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio had the latest update on the condition of injured AAA wrestler La Parka (not to be confused with the original La Parka who was in WCW, currently known as La Park). As previously reported, the wrestler suffered a bad head injury after going for a suicide dive and hitting the barricade headfirst. 

The wrestler reportedly underwent major surgery and was able to converse with people afterwards. So, his condition appears to have improved to some degree since the injury. Dave Meltzer added that La Parka doesn’t appear to have any type of brain damage. Also, Meltzer expressed doubt about La Parka wrestling again. 

The 53-year-old wrestler suffered the injury after a bad dive during a match. The bad dive was reportedly caused by how his feet hit the ropes when he was executing the move. That led to him hitting his head on the floor and guard rail after the dive. Initially, when the AAA star was taken to the hospital, he had no feeling in his arms or legs. Thankfully, he was later able to regain the feeling his limbs. Previous reports stated that he doctors found he had injured his fourth vertebrae.



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